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Whitcomb’s Tips about Idealizing Ladies


Golden Age illustrator Jon Whitcomb defined what components he would change to idealize a lady’s face, explaining “what makes a fairly lady fairly.” 

1. Eyes are typically moved additional aside. This system helps make a face look youthful.

2. The eyebrows are raised.

3. The irises of the eyes are enlarged very barely.

4. Shadows from lighting are edited for simplicity and typically not noted altogether.

5. Mouths are normally made just a little fuller, particularly the decrease lip.

6. Superfluous traces, like snort traces and wrinkles, and irregularities of the jaw and nostril are ignored.

“The width of the face is narrowed barely, since in life, your two eyes see a face that may be a composite of the picture from each. Eyes are roughly three inches aside, in order that your left eye sees just a little extra of the left cheek, your proper eye just a little extra of the best. Your visible impression is that of a thinner face.”

From the Well-known Artists Course, Lesson 13


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