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Tips on how to Draw an Anime Lady in a Masks Step by Step


This tutorial exhibits how to attract an anime woman carrying a surgical face masks together with a hoodie in fifteen steps.

Anime girl in mask drawing step by step
Anime woman in masks drawing step-by-step

A face masks might be worn by anime characters for a number of purpose. Typically they are often sick and put on it to assist forestall spreading germs. Different occasions they could do it to cover their face, particularly celebrities similar to idols (widespread in anime). Typically “punk” or “delinquent” kind characters also can put on them to look extra intimidating.

For this specific tutorial the character shall be extra of the common woman or “idol” kind. If you wish to draw a delinquent type character you will discover examples on one within the following tutorial:

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A great clothes merchandise to match the masks for this character is a hoodie as they’re prone to put on one each when they’re sick (as its snug clothes) and for once they would possibly want to cover their face (with the hood).

Along with drawing the masks and hoodie this tutorial additionally gives directions on drawing a number of the facial options in addition to the hair. You could be accustomed to these when you’ve carried out different comparable tutorials right here on AnimeOutline.

If drawing on paper begin the tutorial in pencil and make gentle strains as a result of might want to erase components of a few of them as you undergo the steps.

Step 1 – Draw the High of the “Masks Lady’s” Head

Anime girl in mask head top drawing
Anime woman in masks head prime drawing

Begin by making a straight vertical line by means of the center of your web page or drawing space. This shall be used that can assist you see if each halves of the top/face are comparatively even in width. Ensure that this line is definitely straight. If it isn’t the remainder of your drawing might be off as effectively.

In the direction of the highest of the middle line draw a circle that can signify the highest a part of the top. Additionally make sure to go away just a little little bit of room above this for the hair and an excellent quantity under it for the neck and shoulders.

Step 2 – Draw the Backside of the Head

Anime girl in mask head bottom drawing
Anime woman in masks head backside drawing

Happening from the circle add the decrease a part of the top. As that is an anime character it is going to be stop small. You’ll be able to see the breakup the form proven with the little line segments within the instance above.

First the strains defining the decrease a part of the top shall be just about straight with only a little bit of a curve on every of their their bottoms. They may even be angled inwards in direction of the center of the top. Subsequent there shall be a pair of curves after which one other set of straight strains (angled much more inwards) that be part of along with the little curve of the chin.

Step 3 – Draw the Neck & Shoulders

Anime girl in mask neck and shoulders drawing
Anime woman in masks neck and shoulders drawing

Down from the decrease a part of the face draw the neck and shoulders. You’ll be able to once more see the breakdown of their form proven with the road segments.

The strains that outline the neck shall be virtually straight with only a tiny little bit of a curve to every of them. These ought to then transition into the shoulder muscle tissues with a pair of curvy segments adopted by the curves of the shoulders.

Step 4 – Draw the Eyes

Anime girl in mask eyes drawing
Anime woman in masks eyes drawing

To place the eyes you’ll be able to divide the top in half horizontally and draw them proper under this midway level.

For this stage of the drawing miss any of their smaller particulars. These shall be added in a later.

Anime girl in mask eyes drawing spacing
Anime woman in masks eyes drawing spacing

Area the eyes roughly far aside sufficient as a way to match one other one in between them.

Step 5 – Draw the Ears

Anime girl in mask ears drawing
Anime woman in masks ears drawing

For this specific character the ears shall be drawn pretty low down on the top. You’ll be able to place them by drawing two comparable curved strains with one taking place from the identical midway level used for the eyes and the second from the purpose midway between this and the chin.

Draw the outlines of the ears between these two curves. Because the ears shall be virtually totally coated by the hair you don’t want to attract any of their inside particulars.

For an alternate placement of the ears in addition to drawing their inside particulars see the next tutorial:

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Step 6 – Draw the Eyebrows

Anime girl in mask eyebrows drawing
Anime woman in masks eyebrows drawing

A bit of bit above the eyes draw the eyebrows. On this case they are going to be thicker in direction of the center of the face.

For different varieties of eyebrows additionally see:

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Step 7 – Draw the Masks

Anime girl in mask on face drawing
Anime woman in masks on face drawing

Because the nostril/mouth shall be coated up there no want to attract them.

For drawing anime type moths and noses you’ll be able to see the next tutorials:

For this stage of the drawing add simply the essential define of the masks and afterwards in addition to the straps that go across the ears. The decrease a part of the straps won’t be seen however you can provide the primary form of the masks a pair of small bumps close to it’s outer backside corners to indicate that it’s being pulled there.

Step 8 – Draw the Hair in Entrance

Anime girl in mask hair front drawing
Anime woman in masks hair entrance drawing

This character may have a reasonably quick hair. As anime hair is considerably detailed and is usually a bit complicated to attract including it is going to be cut up into three steps/phases.

For extra on this strategy see:

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Begin by drawing the entrance part of the hair as proven in purple the instance. There shall be one massive clump hanging down with a cut up close to it’s backside. The remainder of this a part of the hair shall be swept to the perimeters.

Step 9 – Draw the Hair on the Sides

Anime girl in mask hair sides drawing
Anime woman in masks hair sides drawing

Add the facet sections of the hair proven in inexperienced. These shall be two massive clumps that considerably “hug” the top curving round it. The longer ones will then curve outwards close to their suggestions. Draw these sections proper over prime of the top/ears/masks outlines.

Step 10 – Draw the Hair within the Again

Anime girl in mask hair back drawing
Anime woman in masks hair again drawing

Lastly add the background/prime part of the hair proven in blue. Draw it barely farther away kind the top close to the highest and a bit nearer to it on the perimeters. Close to the underside it ought to “fan out” right into a bunch of pretty small clumps. Attempt to draw these of barely various dimension and curving in random instructions to make the hair look extra pure.

As soon as carried out including the hair you’ll be able to erase the components of the top which are coated by it.

As soon as carried out with this a part of the hair yo can erase all the outlines of the top/ears/masks the place these are coated by the top.

Step 11 – Draw the Small Particulars of the Face

Anime girl in mask face details drawing
Anime woman in masks face particulars drawing

At this stage make certain your general drawing appears good and in that case add the smaller particulars of the face in addition to the masks.

For the face these shall be:

  • A touch of the eyebrows only a bit above the eyes
  • A few particular person eyelashes for every of the eyes (you’ll be able to fill within the eyelashes with black and add these)
  • Interior particulars of the eyes (pupils/highlights)
  • A tiny trace of the inside particulars of the ears with small curves on their higher components

For the masks define the realm round it’s sides and add a number of folds that surgical masks are inclined to have.

Step 12 – Draw the Hoodie

Anime girl in mask hoodie drawing
Anime woman in masks hoodie drawing

On this image the hood of the hoodie shall be down. Draw it’s backside as two curves that then transitions into a number of easy folds on all sides adopted by downwards curves that go behind the neck.

Draw the opening with a form that appears considerably like a coronary heart.

Near the middle of the hood add the drawstrings. You’ll be able to erase a tiny little bit of it’s define when including these. On this case the strings will just about simply be hanging straight down.

Across the base of the strings add the outlines of the eyelets. These are normally spherical however as they’re pointing considerably downwards and are being seen on an angle draw them as a pair of ovals.

On the ends of the drawing strings add the guidelines. Make these barely narrower than the strings themselves.

Step 13 – Draw the Hoodie Particulars

Anime girl in mask line drawing
Anime woman in masks line drawing

To make the hoodie seem much less flat add some extra folds. Add a number of of those working by means of the center of the hood and a pair just under it between the strings.

As soon as carried out with this step you’ll be able to darken your strains by tracing over them however don’t darken the outlines of the highlights within the eyes.

Step 14 – Add Colour

Anime girl in mask drawing coloring
Anime woman in masks drawing coloring

For this pretty easy step simply fill in every space of the drawing with shade.

On this case the woman may have purple hair, eyebrows and eyes with a yellow hoodie. The masks shall be a light-weight blue (as surgical masks typically are).

Remember to go away the highlights of the eyes white (you may also erase the outlines round them). It’s also possible to add a number of highlights into the hair. Both define them earlier than coloring or just create them you shade. Optionally you may also add these in over prime of the colour if drawing digitally or by utilizing a white correction pen.

Step 15 – Add Shading to End the Drawing

Anime girl in mask drawing
Anime woman in masks drawing

To complete the drawing give it some primary shading. Nonetheless, earlier than doing so it’s a good suggestion to think about the lighting circumstances the character shall be.

On this case as with many different comparable tutorials right here on AnimeOutline the woman shall be drawn as if she is in a reasonably widespread lighting setup similar to a effectively lit room or daytime open air. Usually in such a setup many of the gentle shall be coming kind above. Which means the shadows will are usually on the underside or in areas which have have some kind of an inwards curve or an indent (the place much less gentle tends to succeed in).

Additionally, you will wish to darken some areas of the drawing whatever the shadows. On this case these would be the eyebrows, pupils and higher components of the irises.

The shadow shall be distributed as follows:

  • Across the eyelids
  • Alongside the higher a part of the eyes under the eyelashes (solid by the eyelashes)
  • From the hair (under center and on the perimeters)
  • On the neck (solid by the top)
  • On the inside facet of the hoodie
  • Across the folds of the hoodie

As soon as carried out shading you ought to be completed with the drawing.


As talked about firstly of the tutorial, anime characters can put on face masks for a number of causes (generally not medical associated). The masks itself shouldn’t be notably sophisticated so a big a part of the tutorial additionally covers drawing different issues such because the facial options, hair and clothes.

Hopefully you’ve discovered this drawing information fascinating and the directions simple to comply with. For extra comparable tutorials additionally see the next:


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