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“The Best of Watercolor” Reveals Pandemic Life


This year’s Splash 23 competition winners had a great diversity of subject and style. And yet, common themes emerged amongst the 100+ finalists. Here, we spotlight a dozen paintings that provide a glimpse of pandemic life—the hardships and celebrations, the challenges and triumphs, the moments of solitude and of enduring companionship. 

Notably, Paul Jackson’s imaginative Lost In a Moment (above) reflects on the heaviness and loss we have endured as a society over the past several years. Other references are more subtle: pets that provided companionship, cleaners that armed against germs, quiet moments and views captured from afar. Read the stories behind the artwork for insight into the artists’ inspiration. Together, they tell of the journey we’ve all traveled—and travel still.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your art? Has it inspired any paintings or drawings that tell a story of these times? We’d love to hear from you (and see your work!) in the comments below.


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