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Take away Mod Podge with These Strategies!


Whether or not you’re refinishing a furnishings piece or cleansing up a spill, discover ways to take away Mod Podge from surfaces together with wooden, material, and extra!

How to Remove Mod Podge

It’s occurred to the most effective of us. One minute you’re residing your finest life in your craft room, and the following minute you’ve gotten Mod Podge in your favourite pair of yoga pants. Oopsie. If it dries, Mod Podge is just not straightforward to take away.

That’s not the one purpose you would possibly wish to take away decoupage medium, although. Perhaps you went to the Goodwill lately and located a beautiful furnishings piece you wish to re-do. The one drawback is the thick layer of 70s-style scrapbook paper on high with a considerable serving to of Mod Podge.

In each of those situations, you might want to take away Mod Podge.

It doesn’t matter what the state of affairs, I’m right here to assist! I wish to undergo the assorted methods to take away Mod Podge beneath; they’re organized by drawback space.

The way to Take away Mod Podge

Scroll all the way down to the suitable floor beneath to discover ways to take away Mod Podge from it. I discover that every one Mod Podge formulation take away the identical manner; I might use the strategies beneath no matter whether or not I used Gloss or Dishwasher Protected.

how to decorate a vase with tissue paper

The way to Take away Mod Podge From Glass or Ceramic

In case you catch your self with a Mod Podge spill on glass or glazed ceramic when it’s nonetheless moist, you possibly can merely wipe it off with a moist rag. Rinse out the rag to ensure it doesn’t dry, inflicting you additional issues!

To be sincere, I simply use my finger to take away a bit of Mod Podge and/or acrylic paint from any extremely clean floor (like glass or ceramic) whereas it’s nonetheless moist. Then I simply rinse my finger off within the sink or wipe it on a paper towel. No massive deal.

If the Mod Podge occurs to be dry, you possibly can take away it from glass with a razor blade or scraper. In case you discover it’s tough to take away, spritz with some water and let it get a bit of soggy.

If there’s paper concerned, you’ll undoubtedly wish to spritz with some water and take away as a lot of the paper as you possibly can. You would possibly want so as to add extra water to re-activate the Mod Podge and loosen it up. Hotter water is healthier.

When you take away the Mod Podge, you possibly can spray the glass as regular to scrub (with a glass cleaner). Mod Podge gained’t take away the end/coating from glass.

Decoupage on wood

The way to Take away Mod Podge From Wooden

Mod Podge bonds fairly solidly to wooden, however there are methods to take away it, in the event you actually attempt. If the floor of the wooden is painted, it’s important to know that there’s a reasonably good likelihood you’re going to lose the paint job. You might need to sand the floor and begin over. However that’s higher than throwing a floor within the rubbish!

Begin by eradicating as a lot of the paper and material off of the floor as attainable. In case you can’t take away something, that’s effective too. Transfer onto the following step.

Use a twig bottle to use heat water to the Mod Podged space, after which put a humid washcloth excessive. The washcloth must be made fairly damp with heat water. Go away for a number of minutes – about 30 to 60.

Decide the washcloth off of the floor and take away as a lot paper or materials as you possibly can. If solely a portion of the paper comes off, repeat the water course of once more. You need to have the ability to scrape off the remainder of the Mod Podge.

IF that doesn’t work – perhaps it’s a bit of furnishings with a number of layers – you should use wallpaper paste remover or paint stripper. In that case, you’re undoubtedly going to lose the paint or stain on the floor. That’s actually your solely possibility in some instances; Mod Podge is fairly robust!

Magazine collage art

From Canvas

I’m nearly embarrassed to say what number of instances I’ve eliminated Mod Podge from canvas. It’s all as a result of slip ups, although you would possibly wish to use this methodology simply to vary issues up.

All you might want to do is warmth up some water as scorching as you will get it, and use a sponge to use it to the material or paper on the canvas. Go away it to sit down for a number of minutes because it reactivates the Mod Podge.

Peel off as a lot of the material or paper as you possibly can, after which apply extra water as wanted. You need the Mod Podge to be considerably milky in coloration, then you possibly can scrape it away.

In case you can’t take away the entire adhesive, you possibly can evenly sand it down – simply watch out to not sand via canvas. You will get it fairly near good! After you could paint the canvas or decoupage over the world once more

Tree decoupaged on the wall

From a Wall

Eradicating Mod Podge from a wall goes to be similar to eradicating wallpaper, based on a lot of my readers. The advice is to make use of wallpaper remover spray together with a scraper.

It’s going to take a bit of labor to take away the dried Mod Podge, and also you might need to do some patching/portray/sanding. However it may be achieved. It’s one thing I at all times advise readers on after they ask me about Mod Podging a wall. You simply need to be okay with the work in the event you ever need to take away it.

Starfish fabric, a Mod Podge brayer, and Mod Podge Fabric

From Material

There are two situations through which you might want to take away Mod Podge from material: when it’s moist after which after it’s dry. The #1 factor to recollect is in the event you discover Mod Podge in your garments, don’t throw them within the dryer.

In case you missed a spot and threw your garments into the dryer, I’ll share with you take away Mod Podge anyway . . . however actually, attempt to keep away from the dryer with any Mod Podge spills.

When Moist

Generally you drop Mod Podge in your clothes and catch it immediately, when it’s nonetheless moist. For these situations, I maintain a delicate Brush Cleaner readily available.

I take away the surplus Mod Podge from the material immediately, after which add water and a bit of brush cleaner to the world. Then I scrub. I go away the world moist till I can wash it.

Wash usually – common cycle, common detergent. Test to ensure the world is Mod Podge free earlier than throwing the merchandise within the dryer.

In lieu of brush cleaner, which I do know not lots of people have, you should use dishwashing liquid or delicate hand cleaning soap. This particularly is useful whenever you aren’t at residence and you’ll’t push your garments within the wash immediately!

Soaking a piece of fabric stained with Mod Podge in hot water

When Dry

If the Mod Podged dried on the material, you’ve obtained a number of choices. They’re all going to contain a bit of elbow grease. Listed here are the three issues I’d attempt.

First, you possibly can attempt soaking the material/clothes in actually scorching water. The most popular water attainable. Let the Mod Podge soften, after which scrape as a lot off as you possibly can with a butter knife. Add a bit of liquid or dish cleaning soap and scrub with a brush to take away as a lot as attainable.

Choice two includes petroleum jelly, also referred to as Vaseline. To make use of this methodology, scrape off any extra Mod Podge you could. Work the Vaseline into the stain, after which take away that with dishwashing liquid. Use scorching water to rinse, and repeat if crucial.

Your third plan of action is to make use of hand sanitizer (which really works on paint, too!). The ethanol within the hand sanitizer is a solvent, and dissolves the Mod Podge. You’re going to have to clean a bit, nevertheless it ought to assist!

Paintbrush loaded with Mod Podge

From Dried Paint Brushes

The choice is to maintain your paint brushes in water, particularly in the event you can’t wash them immediately. However we’ve all slipped up and left our brushes out a bit of too lengthy, proper? A few of us could have even allow them to dry on the craft desk by chance 😮

In these instances, soak the brushes in scorching water and cleaning soap for a number of minutes to loosen the Podge. Take away as a lot as you possibly can and check out once more.

If it’s not working, attempt paint thinner. And if that doesn’t work, you might need to trash your brush :/

I’m not as inclined to work too exhausting to take away Mod Podge from foam brushes (if it’s dried), to be sincere. It’s exhausting to do it, even with soaking. However I largely use soft-bristled brushes, since they work higher for me with Mod Podge and I don’t like throwing issues away.

diy fabric covered sneakers

From Footwear

Eradicating Mod Podging from sneakers is a difficult one – and on no account assured to work. Ripping material from sneakers would possibly injury or tear the sneakers indirectly. In case you select to Mod Podge sneakers, you might also be selecting to change them completely.

If you wish to give it a attempt, my favourite methodology for eradicating Mod Podge from sneakers is to make use of steam. If in case you have a steamer, or a simple technique to steam clothes, that’s going to assist. It can assist loosen the Mod Podge so you possibly can separate paper or material from material.

An alternative choice, and fewer most well-liked, is to soak the sneakers in heat water. This can loosen the Mod Podge, enabling both paper or material to be eliminated (if it’s attainable).

What are your finest suggestions for eradicating Mod Podge? I’d love to listen to within the feedback!


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