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Straightforward The way to Draw Tweety Hen Tutorial and Tweety Coloring Web page


Under you’ll discover a simple step-by-step tutorial for the way to attract Tweety Hen and a Tweety Hen Coloring Web page. This basic cartoon character by no means looses his lovable attraction!

A Drawing of Tweety Hen

A drawing of Tweety Bird, made with the help of an easy step by step tutorial.

This how to attract Tweety Hen tutorial is ideal for younger artists as he’s constructed from some very symmetrical easy shapes which are straightforward to attract. The outsized head can also be a very good lesson about proportion, as animals with giant heads will all the time have a cute baby-like high quality to them.

Tweety (also called Tweety Pie and Tweety Hen) is a yellow canary within the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies collection. He made his first look in 1942 in “A Story of Two Kitties”, directed by Bob Clampett, however was not paired with Sylvester The Cat till 5 years later. The 1947 cartoon “Tweetie Pie” pitted them in opposition to one another for the primary time. The cartoon, which gained an Academy Award, was the beginning of many quick cartoons to come back.

Use the button beneath to obtain this Tweety Hen Drawing

A step by step tutorial for how to draw an easy Tweety Bird, also available as a free download.

Tweety Hen Coloring Web page

Use button beneath to learn to draw Tweety Hen in Love

Learn how to draw Tweety Bird in love, with the help of a step by step tutorial.


Step by Step Instructions

Tweety Impressed Initiatives!

Lovely Tweety Hen cookies, adorned with edible frosting. Thanks Sally for sharing them!

Extra Cartoon Characters to Draw


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