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Specialty Frits – Stained Glass, Provides and Inspiration!


Posted On March 12, 2023


Frit is crushed glass, ranging in particle measurement from a advantageous powder to advantageous, medium, coarse and mosaic. It’s produced from crushed, screened and cleaned COE examined sheet glass.    It’s utilized by artists as a coloring agent or used to created ornamental results when blowing glass or fusing.  Usually used to attain the impact of portray on glass.


Metallic Irid Frit

Metallic Frit is to offer a silver/gold metallic shimmer in fused work.  Doesn’t seem like a lot within the bottle however as soon as fused it can stand out.  It IS completely different from rainbow irid frit.  It appears to be like finest over darkish colours or black to attain the dramatic multi-layer metallic shimmer.   It’s out there in Medium, Coarse and Mosaic sizes.



Clear Rainbow Irid Frit

Rainbow Iridized provides a mom of pearl shimmer to your fused work.  It’s produced from Iridized glass which has a floor therapy the place a layer of metallic oxide is bonded to the recent glass floor simply after the sheet forming, leading to a colourful, shimmering impact.


Purple Reactive Frit

Is available in each opal and clear.  This frit works with chemistry and warmth to create gorgeous results.

Purple Reactive has parts that can react to the steel content material in different colours and create distinctive coloration shifts and rings.  A standard response can be a really skinny line in a reddish hue across the added glass gildings.

Reactive Information – Oceanside Artwork Glass (oceansidecompatible.com)


(this data from Coatings by Sanburg)

Dichroic coating is made by melting Quartz Crystal and Steel Oxides.  These Supplies are vaporized with an electron beam gun, and the vapor then attaches and condenses onto the floor of the glass, forming a crystal construction comprised of as many as 30 layers.

Dichroic frit is just not sheets of glass with a dichroic coated smashed up.  It’s already frit after which it’s coated with a dichroic coating.  That signifies that extra of the floor is coated.  Roughly 80%.

It additionally is available in colours however the black and the clear are the most well-liked.


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