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Rotary Slicing Fundamentals, Security, & Upkeep


On the earth of crafting and stitching, rotary slicing has turn out to be an indispensable method for exact cloth slicing. Whether or not you’re a newbie or an skilled fanatic, mastering rotary slicing fundamentals, prioritizing security, and implementing correct upkeep practices are paramount for reaching flawless outcomes and guaranteeing the longevity of your instruments. This text serves as a complete information that will help you navigate via the basics, equip you with important security suggestions, and supply insights on sustaining your rotary slicing instruments for optimum efficiency.

Get the Low-Down from Ellie Brown

On this oh-sew useful video, Ellie Brown shares rotary slicing fundamentals and suggestions, together with gear selections, fundamental method, and find out how to safely change / eliminate used blades. Test it out now or learn the step-by-step directions to be taught extra!

Step-by-Step Directions


After being minimize or torn on the retailer after which washed and ironed at dwelling, cloth is sort of by no means straight and prepared for rotary slicing. It’s crucial that you simply begin with a straight edge throughout the width of the material. Bringing selvages collectively, enable cloth to drop in entrance of you. Protecting selvages even, scoot cloth alongside along with your fingers till it falls completely straight. The uncooked edges the place cloth is torn will most likely not match up.


Lay cloth on slicing mat with folded edge towards you and uncooked edge to be straightened dealing with proper (left-handers dealing with left). Place 6″ x 24″ rotary-cutting rule on cloth, aligning one of many crosswise measuring traces alongside the fold. Urgent down firmly on the ruler along with your left (proper) hand, minimize upward, or away from your self, alongside the rule edge. Some individuals want slicing half method, stopping the slicing movement however not lifting the cutter, shifting the left (proper) hand up, then ending the minimize.


Flip slicing board round in order that newly straightened edge is dealing with left (proper). To chop strips, discover line on rule to match width of strip desired. Place this line precisely on minimize edge of cloth and minimize strip.

Rotary Slicing Ceaselessly Used Shapes

Excellent Squares: Align 1 or extra strips of the identical width and trim ends to get an excellent place to begin. Make cuts the identical width as strips have been minimize.

Half-Sq. & Quarter-Sq. Triangles: A sq. minimize as soon as diagonally makes 2 half-square triangles: a sq. minimize twice diagonally makes 4 quarter-square triangles.

Rotary Slicing Strip-Pieced Patchwork

Strip-piecing refers to rotary minimize strips of specified widths being sewn collectively on lengthy edges to make strip-pieced models.

When creating strip-pieced patchwork, it’s sensible to press seam allowances in reverse instructions in order that lengthy models will be layered for slicing shortly and can later be straightforward to stitch. Within the photograph, seam allowances have been pressed towards the sunshine floral cloth on each strips.

Strip-pieced models are minimize aside, segments positioned to make patchwork, and sewn collectively.


Understanding rotary slicing fundamentals, prioritizing security measures, and sustaining your instruments are key elements in elevating your crafting and stitching expertise. By following the rules outlined on this article, you possibly can confidently sort out cloth slicing tasks with precision and effectivity. Bear in mind to at all times deal with your rotary cutter with care, hold the blade sharp, and retailer it in a protected place. Now get able to let your creativity soar with the trusty companion of rotary slicing!


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