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RIP Egbert Knight Polycarp Glasgow


Overheard exterior Tom’s Delicatessen:
A: ‘I’ve a yoga class now.’
B: ‘Oh, do you go to the Life Centre?’
A: ‘No, somebody involves my home.’

B appears to be like as if dashing her brains out in opposition to the close by lamp-post would be the solely treatment for her humiliation.

Clifton aka Kili

I am in military fatigues looking out among the many avenue individuals for a person with no phone. Egbert, the St Lucian Rasta, my most dependable and loquacious mannequin. I discover him holding court docket exterior a restaurant on Portobello Highway, all cheekbones and diminutive magnificence.

Egbert kisses my hand fervently and calls me empress. I really feel like one.

‘Wie geht es Ihnen?’ says Egbert to Kili.
‘Es geht mir intestine.’
‘Heil Hitler.’
‘Sieg Heil.’
‘No matter.’


Egbert will get as much as go. He whispers in my ear: ‘Her identify is Doreen. She is brief and chunky with bow legs. She is an excellent prepare dinner. She’s cooking me fish. One love.’


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