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Ricoma MT-1502 Frequent Errors & Options With Straightforward Steps


Ricoma mt 1502 upkeep may be very straightforward. Essentially the most essential upkeep that needs to be accomplished is lubricating the rotary hook. Earlier than oiling or cleansing, we advise turning off your machine. To keep up and clear the rotary hook, start by eradicating the bobbin case from the rotary hook.

Clear any thread lint within the space utilizing a lint brush or dusting spray. 

Then add three or 4 drops of machine oil to the rotary hook.

Now you’ll be able to insert the bobbin case again into the rotary hook and shut the bobbin housing unit.

To verify the machine runs effectively, repeat this course of twice a day if you’re planning to run a machine eight hours a day. 

A few times per week, take away the needle plate and clear across the trimmer knives with a mushy brush.

As soon as per week, go a enterprise card or paper by the bobbin case slit to wash any lint buildup.

Each week, place a drop-off oil instantly on the needle bar by the slots within the needle case, alternate every week. 

One week lubricate the higher needle bar part and the subsequent week the decrease needle bar part.

As soon as per week oil the opening on the needle plate. For this part, we advise turning on the machine and setting it to needle one to see the opening on the fitting facet of the machine head. 

Add three drops of oil every week to that part.

Then, add three drops of oil to the metallic rail of the machine head.

Now you’ll be able to transfer your machine head to needle 15 and place 2 drops of oil on the opposite facet of the rail. 

As soon as every three to 5 months, apply white lithium grease to the black metallic bar within the machine head. Additionally, apply this grease to the wheels positioned on the again of your machine head. 

As soon as every three to 5 months, apply white lithium grease to the colour change cam. 

You’ll first have to take away the metallic plate positioned above the colour change cam by loosening the connected screw. Then apply grease to the colour change cam space. 

Place the duvet again over the colour change cam and tighten the screw earlier than continuing. 

All the time bear in mind, to not over oil. After oiling, sew on a check swatch earlier than returning to manufacturing to guarantee additional oil doesn’t stain clothes. 


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