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B2EMO Droid Cross Stitch Pattern

It is Might the 4th, and meaning new Star Wars patterns! I all the time love making and sharing patterns and tasks from a galaxy far, distant, and this yr I am including some embroidery and cross sew designs which can be rather less widespread.

We’re beginning out with Andor. I actually loved this collection on Disney+. It is not all the time fast-paced, however I like studying about characters, which this present had numerous. I additionally adored the droid B2EMO. He is an introvert and has among the cutest issues to say! Which is how I got here to make my cross sew sample with one in all his quotes…it is so relatable for me!

B2EMO Droid Cross Stitch Pattern
B2EMO Droid Cross Stitch Pattern

I do not consider myself as an anti-social particular person in any respect. Some social interactions, nonetheless, put on me down. I’ve actually stated on many events that I must recharge at residence. This droid will get me! It is also tremendous cute.

It wanted to be simplified a bit for cross sew at this dimension, and due to his lens/eyes, I opted to not add additional “Wild Olive” eyes. As an alternative he will get a smile. B2EMO does not appear to be one to smile too typically, however when Andor arrives residence, I believe that is when the completely satisfied feelings come out!

In fact, for those who simply need the droid with out the quote, you may sew him alone and make a little bit pin or even an decoration!


As a result of it is a droid, I believed it could be enjoyable to place the completed stitching in one in all my vintage metallic hoops. The edges and spring pressure give it a droid feeling, do not you agree?

B2EMO Droid Cross Stitch Pattern

Play That Same Song Embroidery Pattern

I did not need to depart embroidery out of the image this yr, so I’ve a easy textual content sample. Now, it’s possible you’ll be questioning if that is even Star Wars, however hear me out.

My household says this line of dialogue so typically that I legitimately forgot that it’s not from a Star Wars movie. It is truly a quote from the Star Wars episode of Household Man. Now, I do not watch that present, however my brother had me at the least watch that individual episode. And there are simply so many humorous moments!

When the characters go into the Mos Eisley Cantina, the band finishes enjoying their iconic track, and the band chief asks if there are any requests. Somebody yells out “play that very same track!” and they also do.

My household now calls out this request anytime we hear the track. And that features when my sister and I went to the Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland! (Okay, so I did not precisely yell it, however I did be certain to say it!). Anyway, it was time that this iconic (at the least for Johansons and Household Man followers) grew to become a sample.

Whether or not you are cross stitching or embroidering, Might the 4th be with you!


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