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Nordic wall artwork poster with alleycorner.com : 4 Hacks to Dangle BIG Wall Décor Simply – Alley Nook – Nordic Wall Decor


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If the considered having to assemble and grasp your giant paintings has you confused, you aren’t alone! 

Haven’t any worry. 

BIG Wall Décor is tremendous straightforward to assemble and grasp


Watch this one-minute video for tremendous straightforward meeting directions. 

Most individuals assemble their body and insert their print in lower than 5 minutes.

(Please observe, if you’re having any hassle assembling your body and print, attain out to our customer support staff at [email protected] or 1-888-441-1246. One in all our staff members – not a robotic – will show you how to via the method.)


These 4 hacks make it tremendous quick and simple to hold your BIG Wall Décor, even should you don’t really feel assured in your development abilities.

Extra large black and white surreal living room wall art hangs above dark green velvet couch in boho living room.

Both (1) fake it’s the primary time getting into your room or (2) have a buddy over who has by no means been to your own home earlier than. 

If you enter the room discover, the place is the primary place you look

Mostly, consideration instantly goes to the focal piece of furnishings straight throughout from the doorway to the room. 

For bedrooms, that is most frequently a mattress or dresser. 

In residing rooms, it’s usually a sofa or fire. 

And in kitchens or eating rooms, it’s often the desk or island. 

The most effective place to hold your BIG Wall Décor is above the furnishings that serves as the point of interest within the room. 

Ideally, this can fall straight within the line of sight of somebody as they enter your room. 

By including curiosity to the featured space in your room, BIG Wall Décor makes your house really feel heat and welcoming.

Huge photo of sunset over Chicago skyline hangs on neutral wall above brown leather couch between two black book shelves in apartment living room.

Frequent Query: Ought to Massive Wall Artwork Be Centered on a Wall or Centered Over Furnishings?

The talk ends right here. 

BIG Wall Décor ought to be centered over your furnishings. 

When giant wall artwork is centered above furnishings, your house feels balanced and snug

Naturally, our brains discover symmetry calming and exquisite

When your wall artwork is hanging centered above your furnishings, the midpoint of the artwork strains up with the midpoint of your furnishings. 

That is extra pleasing to the attention than offset artwork and furnishings. Asymmetry typically is interpreted as messy or cluttered within the thoughts

Whereas asymmetry is usually a daring stylistic alternative, it ought to be used deliberately and sparingly.

For all of you sensible people who find themselves arguing, “it will make extra sense to middle paintings on the wall as a result of the wall doesn’t transfer and furnishings can transfer.”

We get the place you’re coming from…however, no. 

It’s inevitable that you’ll want to rearrange your furnishings to vary the stream and vitality of your room. 

However, you too can transfer your wall artwork in order that it stays correctly centered above your furnishings in your newly re-arranged house. 

Let’s not neglect, small holes from screws and anchors are straightforward and cheap to patch.

More often than not, you solely want spackle, a putty knife, and a little bit of sandpaper. No engineering or development abilities required.

A model on a pink couch hanging a graffiti fashionista wall art piece of lips

The best hanging peak for any wall artwork is centered at eye stage

This implies you need the center of your paintings to hold 48-56 inches above the ground. 

Your intestine intuition is likely to be that this feels “too low.” 

Belief our knowledgeable inside designers. 

If you step again and admire artwork hung accurately at eye stage, you’ll be amazed at how a lot larger it seems. 

In case you don’t have a tape measure, how do you determine how excessive to hold your BIG Wall Décor? 

  1. Stroll as much as the wall within the space you need to grasp your giant wall artwork.
  2. Gently contact the tip of your nostril to the wall.
  3. Mark the spot the place your nostril touched the wall with a pencil – that is roughly “eye stage.”
  4. Maintain your giant wall artwork up by the pencil mark.
  5. Estimate the place the pencil mark is on the middle of your artwork. 
  6. Whereas holding the artwork centered at eye stage, mark the peak of the highest fringe of the body. 
  7. Safe your BIG Wall Décor wall hanging bracket on the prime peak marked. 

In fact, in case you have a tape measure you’ll be able to measure a peak of 48-56 inches on the wall. Then proceed with steps 4 – 7 to hold your wall artwork centered at eye stage. 

Crucial test is to step again to admire your giant wall art. Make sure that you aren’t tipping your head again or wanting as much as see your paintings. 

You need company to really feel snug after they admire your wall artwork. In case you grasp the piece too excessive, they should crane their necks to search for at it. 

Particularly if that is your first time hanging wall artwork, your intuition might be to hold your wall artwork too excessive. 

Make sure to grasp your BIG Wall Décor so the centerline of the piece is close to eye stage.

Huge Floral Head Wall Art

Precise instruments and hanging tools wanted will rely in your particular wall kind (drywall, plaster, cement, brick, and so forth). For these directions, we’re assuming you’re hanging your BIG Wall Décor on a normal drywall wall. 

Your BIG Wall Décor buy contains wall anchors, screws, and hanging bracket required to securely grasp your paintings to the wall. 

You have to a hammer and a drill to most simply and effectively set up your BIG Wall Décor hanging bracket. 

  1. After figuring out the peak you wish to grasp your paintings, place the bracket on the wall as a information.
  2. Mark the placement of the holes within the bracket as a information for the place to insert the wall anchors and screws.
  3. Utilizing a drill bit, pre-drill a pilot gap within the wall. 
  4. Gently hammer the white wall anchor into the opening. 
  5. Place the hanging bracket over the wall anchors. 
  6. Safe the hanging bracket in place drilling the screws into the wall anchors. 
  7. You may loosen the screws to barely modify the hanging bracket if it isn’t stage. 
  8. Dangle your BIG Wall Décor by simply sliding the lip of the body into the groove between the hanging bracket and the wall.

You probably have particular questions concerning find out how to safe your hanging bracket to the wall previous to hanging your BIG Wall Décor, please attain out to our customer support staff – not a robotic – will fortunately help you.

Extra large blue and pink abstract wall art hangs above modern kitchen table.

Frequent Query: Can I grasp my BIG Wall Décor with Command Strips?

No, we don’t suggest hanging your BIG Wall Décor with command strips. 

We acknowledge command strips are handy since they don’t require drilling into the wall. Nonetheless, we have now discovered that command strips are usually not sturdy sufficient to safe your wall artwork to the wall over an extended time period

Since our body is constituted of a light-weight metallic, there may be danger of injury to you, your own home, or the body, if the body have been to fall off the wall as a consequence of improper hanging approach. 

Please observe the steps above to soundly grasp and safe your BIG Wall Décor. 

For most secure, most safe hanging, it’s suggested that you simply connect your hanging bracket right into a stud. 

Nonetheless, for smaller sized wall artwork, it is suggested however not required that your hanging bracket is connected to a stud. Sometimes, hanging the bracket with wall anchors might be sturdy sufficient to help smaller sizes of wall artwork

Frequent Query: Do I have to Rent a Skilled Installer to Dangle My BIG Wall Décor?

No, you don’t want to rent knowledgeable installer or handyman to hold your BIG Wall Décor. 

Meeting and hanging BIG Wall Décor could be very straightforward. It doesn’t require any expertise or carpentry abilities. 

Large horizontal abstract wall art in tans and oranges hangs above set of chairs in living room.

It goes with out saying, you don’t need to step again after hanging your new large wall artwork to find that it’s crooked. 

Actually, conventional wall artwork hanging techniques haven’t made it straightforward to ensure that your giant wall artwork will grasp stage. 

In truth, it may be downright exhausting to stage outsized wall artwork. 

Conventional hanging techniques like single nails or nails-with-wire should be put in completely for stage artwork. There isn’t a lot room for adjusting as soon as the screw has been secured. 

And at such a big measurement, any crookedness is apparent. 

BIG Wall Décor’s hanging system is totally different. 

And it’s really easy to regulate, that we assure you’ll be able to stage your piece – with out utilizing a stage!

Right here’s how the adjustable hanging bracket works. In case you grasp your BIG Wall Décor and spot one finish is barely greater than the opposite, merely…

  1. loosen one of many screws,
  2. gently nudge the bracket up or down, and
  3. retighten the screw. 

Rehang your paintings on the hanging bracket and step again to see if the piece seems stage. 

PRO TIP: To check that your wall artwork is actually stage, with out shopping for a stage both…

  1.  place a marble or small spherical object on the highest lip of the body to test if it rolls somehow or 
  2. measure the gap from each decrease corners to the ground. If the measurements are the identical, your paintings ought to be stage.


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