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Matt Jones: Maya and the Three


Matt Jones: Maya and the Three

Maya and the Three

Huevos rancheros! It was a blast boarding Maya and the Three’ Each scene had a mixture of comedy, motion & emotion and I really like stretching all these staging muscle mass. Jorgé would ask for “MORE!” to make the drama extra exaggerated than a telenovella (there’s some refined stuff too). He inspired me to include my cinematic influences: Mario Bava, Herzog, Ridley, Tsui Hark, Spielberg, Harryhausen, Crouching Tiger, Leone, Lean, Clive Barker, King Kong, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, Kurosawa, Cocteau, Jodorowsky…The hybrid TV/characteristic mannequin we used labored brilliantly; we had adequate time to do a pair passes, get suggestions from the staff, make fixes, get it into editorial after which sweeten scenes once more with strategic revisions. This is a supercut of a few of my favourite photographs I bought to attract on the present.


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