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Kiln Mildew Preparation – Stained Glass, Provides and Inspiration!


Posted On June 27, 2022

Probably the most complicated points within the business is mildew prep.  A part of this confusion has come from the elimination of some merchandise and the choice on what to substitute.

One of many current questions I’ve had (and listen to usually) is What the distinction is between the Hotline primers?  These are used in your kiln cabinets and some molds.  Right here’s a breakdown:

The Unique

Used in response to instructions, shelf primer is the very best insurance coverage that your fused work won’t keep on with the kiln shelf. It’s a excessive temperature, low-fluxing clay and alumina combination formulation which incorporates suspension brokers and a color-coded dye that burns off at 800 levels F (427 levels C).




Primo Primer

Hotline Primo Primer fires to 1550 levels F (843 levels C) and better. Glass doesn’t keep on with the shelf. Primer doesn’t keep on with the glass. It removes from shelf after firing by brushing or by wiping with a humid sponge. No extra tedious and messy scraping. Packed in easy accessibility plastic containers.





A particular formulation of alumina and low-fluxing clays developed to face up to the excessive kiln temperatures required for raking. Incorporates a dye which burns off when firing. It leaves a wonderful easy end between the glass and kiln shelf. Hello-Hearth Shelf Primer can be glorious for coating mandrels for beadmaking.





Bullseye Molds

Can typically be prepped with kiln wash/primer.

Color de Verre Molds





You’ll be able to inform when you’ve got a Color de Verre mildew as a result of they put their title into the mildew on the underside.  These will be primed with Hotline Primo Primer or ZYP.   Color de Verre has some nice details about getting ready molds with Primo Primer and with Zyp.




Artistic Paradise Molds





Artistic Paradise recommends that you simply use MR97/ZYP for his or her molds.  You’ll be able to inform in case your mildew is from Artistic Paradise as a result of it says CPI proper on the underside of the mildew.  Don’t use Slide or kiln wash.

Stainless Metal Molds






FIRST: If the mildew is new, it would nonetheless have the oil on it from manufacturing.  The oil have to be eliminated.  You’ll be able to merely put the mildew within the kiln on the temperature you may be utilizing it and hearth with no glass.  That can burn off the oil and the mildew can even change colour.  One other technique to get the mildew prepared for priming is to tough up the steel floor to offer texture for the kiln wash to stay to.  Sandblaster is finest, however should you don’t have entry to at least one you should utilize 80 or 100 grit sandpaper.

To prime, first warmth the mildew.  Put tin foil or a cookie tray on the lid of a kiln whereas it’s firing and put the mildew on it.  When the mildew is heated apply kiln wash with a brush.  It could not completely cowl on the primary coat.  Let dry and apply once more on the naked spots.  Do no less than three coats upon getting the primary whole coat.  It will likely be good for a number of firings.

When it’s essential to recoat, scrub the mildew with heat soapy water and a scrubber.  Apply a coat or two of primer, let the primer dry and you’re able to droop.


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