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huge B: Torocko Sew


I’ve a brand new sew from my 100 Stitches record to share.  That is the Torocko Sew.  

Categorized as a filling sew, the Torocko Sew is made up of three units of Straight Stitches.  I used three completely different colours of perle cotton thread.  I additionally drew a useful sq. grid to maintain every little thing evenly spaced.  Discover the blue dots, that’s the place my vertical and horizontal strains will begin and cease: 

Step one is to return up via the material on the prime of the world to be stuffed:

Make an extended vertical Straight Sew by happening into the material on the backside of the world to be stuffed:

Repeat these vertical stitches, evenly spaced as many occasions as wanted to fill the house.  

Now for the horizontal stitches.  Come up via the material on the appropriate aspect of the world to be stuffed:

Make lengthy horizontal Straight Stitches throughout the house:

The subsequent step is to make upright crosses over the horizontal Straight Stitches:

Kind these crosses utilizing Straight Stitches:

Forming a cross at alternating rows and columns:

The ultimate step is to make a small diagonal Straight Sew on the heart of every cross:

This sew is from the ebook Embroidery Stitches by Mary Webb.


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