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How you can Carry Polymer Clay from Your Work Floor


Studying to work with any new artwork medium will be irritating, and polymer clay is not any completely different. As a result of we study by watching little snippets of video or studying feedback on a social media submit, it’s simple to misconceive processes. That is much more true for issues which might be so “simple” or “primary” that they’re by no means proven. The power to elevate polymer clay from a shiny work floor is a crucial and mandatory ability. Right here’s what it’s essential know.

Sure, Work on a Shiny Floor

In the event you’ve ever tried to roll out polymer clay onto parchment paper, you understand how irritating it’s when the clay sticks to the instruments and the paper rolls up. The answer is to work on a easy, shiny work floor, corresponding to a sheet of tempered glass or a big glazed ceramic tile. This fashion the clay sticks extra to the work floor than the device, making the clay simpler to deal with. Please don’t use any form of mildew launch corresponding to cornstarch or water. Dealing with polymer clay doesn’t require the identical technique you’ve discovered from baking cookies or bread. Sticking is nice! However then, in fact, it’s essential launch the polymer clay from the work floor.

Sheet of blue polymer clay laying on glass work surface.

You’ll Want a Lengthy Blade

To launch the clay, you’ll want an extended, pretty inflexible blade. (Some individuals discuss with this as a tissue blade, however that’s really one thing barely completely different.) You’ll discover a lengthy (6 in or 15 cm) blade to be best, and also you’ll most likely desire a blade that’s extra inflexible than versatile. You’ll slide it behind the sheet, or items, releasing the suction of the clay sticking to the work floor. You may then simply choose up the sheet or the clay items. Some good sources of those blades are Sculpey, Kato, and Cernit. Right here’s a supply of many forms of blades.

Clay Consistency Issues

Optimum polymer clay consistency is, to an extent, a private choice. No one likes clay that’s too crumbly to stay collectively and too laborious to combine colours. However mushy clay is much more of a problem to work with as a result of it’s not possible to deal with with out stretching, marking, taking fingerprints, and distorting off form. In the event you can’t elevate your polymer clay out of your work floor with out distortion, it’s possible that your clay is simply too mushy and sticky. The answer is to leach it. Reduce items of polymer clay ought to maintain their form when lifted relatively than drooping. Suppose cheddar, not American singles.

This cutter is courtesy of Phoenix & Spruce.

Lifting Polymer Clay with out Distortion

In the event you attempt to elevate polymer clay out of your work floor such as you would choose up cash from a desk, your fingernails will dig into the sting of the items, they usually’ll stretch and deform as you elevate. That is true for those who’re lifting a sheet of polymer clay or items you’ve reduce from a sheet utilizing a cookie cutter. As an alternative, it’s essential launch the clay from the floor, after which you’ll be able to choose up the clay. Right here’s a video demonstrating the method of lifting polymer clay out of your work floor.

Suggestions for Lifting Polymer Clay

  • At all times work with agency clay. Smooth clay distorts, making this a problem.
  • Be sure that your floor is steady and gained’t transfer. For this reason many clayers use a big glass sheet or place their ceramic tile on a non-stick mat.
  • Use each palms in your blade, one on both finish.
  • Maintain the blade at a forty five diploma angle. Not too flat to the floor, and never vertical.
  • Method the sheet or clay items in a slight sliding movement, not straight on.
  • Slide the blade behind the sheet or items and don’t cease. In the event you cease, the clay will follow your blade.
  • Apply. Apply. Apply. It is a ability!
  • You may typically choose up smaller items in your blade, making it simple to switch them to a different floor or baking sheet.

Carrying Polymer Clay Sheets and Items

As soon as the sheet or items of polymer clay is lifted from the work floor, you’ll be able to choose up the items, gently, by sliding your blade behind them, lifting a bit, and sliding your fingers underneath them. At all times elevate your clay by supporting beneath it relatively than grabbing it in a pinching movement. Holding polymer clay items between your thumb and fingers is how fingerprints get pressed into the clay. At all times assist and carry your reduce clay items from the underside, utilizing the flats of your fingers to select up and carry your clay.

Simply as when studying any new ability, this fashion of dealing with polymer clay will really feel awkward and overseas at first. That’s very true when you have a background in cookie making or baking. The instruments are comparable, however dealing with the fabric could be very completely different! Strive the following tips and spend a while working towards and perfecting your ability. Quickly it is going to be second nature. Have enjoyable!

Graphic from The Blue Bottle Tree that reads "Lifting polymer clay from your work surface" above an image of blue polymer clay being lifted by a rigid blade.


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