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How one can Draw an Anime Panda Lady Step by Step


This tutorial reveals how to attract an anime panda lady or to be extra exact an anime lady sporting a panda hoodie in fifteen steps.

Anime panda girl drawing step by step
Anime panda lady drawing step-by-step

You possibly can see a preview of the drawing levels for the panda lady within the picture above.

Not like the animal women in another tutorials right here on AnimeOutline the “panda lady” will merely be sporting a panda hoodie as an alternative of getting precise animal options. The explanation for that is that it additionally tends to be the pattern in anime and manga.

For those who’ve completed a few of the different related tutorials on this web site numerous the preliminary steps will in all probability be acquainted to you. Nonetheless, there are additionally issues which can be extra particular to this tutorial so make sure to observe alongside rigorously.

If you’ll be drawing utilizing pencil and paper begin with gentle traces as you will want to erase sure components in a few of the steps. The traces within the examples are darkish simply in order that they’re simpler so that you can see. You possibly can hint over your drawing with a darker stroke earlier than coloring as soon as you’re feeling that all the things is in the best place.

Step 1 – Draw the Head & Shoulders of the Panda Lady

Anime panda girl head drawing
Anime panda lady head drawing

Start by drawing the pinnacle in addition to the neck and shoulders of the character. Total the character may have a pretty big head with a slim neck and small shoulders.

Begin with a straight vertical line by means of the center of your drawing space. Close to the highest of this line draw a circle to characterize the highest of head and make sure to depart some room above that to be able to later match within the hoodie and the panda ears on high of it.

Happening from the circle draw the underside a part of the pinnacle. You possibly can see the breakdown of the form primarily based on the little line segments within the instance.

The form of the decrease a part of the face is as follows:

  • Two downwards traces barely angled inwards (in the direction of center of face)
  • A pair of sunshine curves
  • Two extra downwards traces that face extra inwards than earlier pair
  • Small curve for the chin

Happening from the decrease a part of the pinnacle draw the neck. Make it barely wider because it goes down. After that draw the shoulder muscle tissues operating downwards in the direction of the shoulders. You possibly can draw the precise shoulders with a pair of curve that then transition into the downward traces for the arms.

Step 2 – Draw the Eyes

Anime panda girl eyes drawing
Anime panda lady eyes drawing

To position the eyes dividing the pinnacle in half horizontally and draw them only a tiny bit under the midway level.

Anime panda girl eye spacing drawing
Anime panda lady eye spacing drawing

Make them pretty giant and tall spaced roughly far sufficient aside to be able to match a 3rd eye in between.

For this stage of the drawing omit any of the smaller particulars because the objective is to first set up the position of the facial options.

You possibly can see a extra detailed breakdown of drawing the eyes in a while.

Step 3 – Draw the Eyebrows

Anime panda girl eyebrows drawing
Anime panda lady eyebrows drawing

A bit bit above the eyes draw the eyebrows. On this case they are going to be shorter than the eyes.

For various sorts of eyebrows see:

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Step 4 – Draw the Nostril

Anime panda girl nose drawing
Anime panda lady nostril drawing

Place the nostril between the vertical midway level of the pinnacle and the underside of the chin. You possibly can draw the nostril itself as just about a dot or a tiny sprint.

Step 5 – Draw the Mouth

Anime panda girl mouth drawing
Anime panda lady mouth drawing

Place the mouth in order that it’s higher lip (not truly drawn) is midway between the nostril and the underside of the chin. You possibly can draw the precise moth only a bit above that.

On this case the mouth may have a light-weight smile. To indicate this draw it a bit of extra curved than for a traditional expression.

For extra on mouth expressions see:

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Step 6 – Draw the Ears

Anime panda girl ears drawing
Anime panda lady ears drawing

Please be aware that the ear will truly be hidden by the hair so there is no such thing as a want to attract them. Nonetheless, their placement continues to be proven for reference in case you wish to draw a unique coiffure.

Place the eras with their higher components only a bit under the highest of the eyes and their decrease components just a bit bit under the dot of the nostril.

For different ear placement see:

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Step 7 – Draw the Hoodie

Anime panda girl hair volume drawing
Anime panda lady hair quantity drawing

As already talked about on this case the “panda lady” will truly simply be a woman sporting a panda hoodie.

Earlier than drawing the hoodie on the pinnacle it’s good to estimate the hair quantity beneath it. Within the instance above the amount of the hair is proven in purple and the define of the hoodie over high of it’s proven in blue. You don’t essentially have to stipulate the hair as was completed within the instance however at the very least remember that there can be a long way between the define of the pinnacle and the material.

Anime panda girl hoodie see through drawing
Anime panda lady hoodie see by means of drawing

Draw the outer form of the hoodie first. Afterwards draw the interior opening adopted by the folds. Add some folds to the outer sides of the arms in addition to some wrinkles across the armpit areas. Additionally add a placket (the half the place the buttons are connected) operating down the center of the hoodie ranging from slightly below the shoulders.

Anime panda girl hoodie drawing
Anime panda lady hoodie drawing

You possibly can erase the components of the pinnacle/arms coated by the hoodie after you might be completed drawing.

For drawing a barely totally different hoodie and different forms of head ware see:

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Step 8 – Draw the Hoodie Panda Ears

Anime panda girl ears drawing
Anime panda lady ears drawing

On the high of the hoodie add the panda ears. Make these pretty spherical in form. To indicate that they’re made of soppy material you may intentionally make their outlines barely uneven.

Step 9 – Draw the Aspect Part of the Hair

Anime panda girl sides hair see through drawing
Anime panda lady sides hair see by means of drawing

Popping out from under the hoodie draw the facet sections of the hair. Make them barely curved in order that they “hug” the face.

For extra on this drawing method see:

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Anime panda girl sides hair drawing
Anime panda lady sides hair drawing

You possibly can erase the components of the pinnacle and ears (should you selected to attract them) coated by the hair so that you just once more have a clear drawing as within the above instance.

Step 10 – Draw the Entrance Part of the Hair

Anime panda girl front hair drawing
Anime panda lady entrance hair drawing

Draw the center part of the hair (proven in purple) with a giant clump operating down within the heart and the remainder of it swept underneath the perimeters.

Step 11 – Draw the Again Part of the Hair

Anime panda girl back hair drawing
Anime panda lady again hair drawing

Lastly draw the hair within the background (proven in blue).

Step 12 – Draw the Draw the Eye Particulars

Anime panda girl eye details drawing
Anime panda lady eye particulars drawing

Add the next particulars to the eyes:

  • Hints of the eyelids
  • Hints of particular person eyelashes
  • Pupils
  • Highlights/Reflections in eyes

You possibly can present the eyelids as only a pair of tiny curves positioned nearer to the interior sides of the eyes and barely above the eyelashes. Additionally, you will need them to be angled barely in the direction of the nostril.

Shade the outlines of the eyelashes black and draw some spiky wanting lashes into them as you shade.

Draw the pupils formed the identical because the irises with each overlapped by a spotlight.

Anime panda girl eyes drawing step by step
Anime panda lady eyes drawing step-by-step

You possibly can see a breakdown of all the drawing step for the eyes above. Nonetheless, it’s best to maintain off on coloring till you get to that stage of the tutorial.

Step 13 – Draw the Hoodie Particulars

Anime panda girl line drawing
Anime panda lady line drawing

On the high of the hoodie draw the panda face as proven within the instance. It may be pretty easy with simply the outlines of the black areas that panda have across the eyes (no want to attract the precise eyes) the mouth and the nostril.

You may also add a button onto the placket and description a tiny spotlight space inside it.

As soon as completed with this stage of the drawing you may hint over your traces to darken them. Nonetheless don’t darken the outlines of the highlights on the eyes/button. You wish to preserve these traces gentle in order that they mix into the colour.

Step 14 – Apply Shade

Anime panda girl drawing coloring
Anime panda lady drawing coloring

You’ll solely want just a few colours for the panda lady.

Make the panda ears, eye areas, nostril darkish gray/black. You may also do the identical for the pupils (preserve the highlights white) and the button. Make the irises and hair brown. You can also make the face/neck a really gentle orange/pink. Depart the remaining white.

Step 15 – Add Shading & End the Panda Lady Drawing

Anime panda girl drawing
Anime panda lady drawing

Chances are you’ll discover that within the earlier examples the drawing appears a bit flat and the eyes appear to have a little bit of a “stare” to them. To repair this you can provide the drawing a little bit of shading.

Usually shadows kind primarily based on how the topic is illuminated. On this case the character may have pretty generic shading as if she is in a nicely lit room or open air throughout the day with the principle gentle supply someplace above her.

To do away with the “staring look” begin by shading the higher a part of the irises. Afterwards place some lighter shadows as follows:

  • On the very high of the seen hair (from the hoodie)
  • Across the eyelids (as these areas in indented much less gentle reaches there)
  • Prime of the white of the eyes (from the eyelashes)
  • Across the center clump and facet clumps of the hair (forged by these hair sections)
  • To at least one facet of the nostril (forged by the nostril)
  • Under the mouth (forged by the underside lip that’s not truly drawn)
  • The again part of the hair (that space is darker as much less gentle reaches to the again of the hood)
  • The again of hood (once more much less gentle reaches right here)
  • On the whole neck (forged by the hoodie and the pinnacle)
  • Under the hood (forged by itself)
Anime panda girl eyes drawing large
Anime panda lady eyes drawing giant

You possibly can see all the particulars of the eyes within the giant/shut up drawing above.

Remember the fact that total this can be a pretty stylized character and the objective is NOT to create absolutely the most correct shading however as an alternative to simply have it correct sufficient to appears plausible.


On this tutorial the “panda lady” is given the panda options by means of her hoodie. Such hoodies (particularly bear themed ones) are pretty widespread in anime and manga.

If you want you may as well use very related steps to attract a hoodie with the theme of a unique animal or a unique sort of bear. Merely change the form of the ears and the face (significantly the attention ares).

For those who’ve discovered this tutorial useful and wish to later strive drawing another animal or fantasy themed anime lady additionally see the next:


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