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Hen-Pleasant Acid-Etched Glass at USask


Candidate Abbey Duinker discovered that town’s downtown core represented totally one-fifth of recorded chicken strikes in Saskatoon. The College of Saskatchewan campus noticed a few of the very highest collision charges inside the similar neighbourhood.

An earlier thesis from MSEM candidate Anang Grace Yashim recorded chicken strikes towards 4 completely different campus buildings, together with the CSRB[3]. The research was carried out over three months throughout the spring/summer season migration and breeding seasons when wild chicken exercise was at its peak.

Like Ms. Duinker, Anang Grace Yashim discovered that the campus home windows posed a critical menace to native chicken life. The Agriculture and Bioresources Constructing alone accounted for 9 chicken collisions over the three months of commentary. Curiously, none of those collisions occurred on the acid-etched parts of the façade, nor across the acid-etched glass adjoining to the constructing’s rooftop backyard. There have been zero collisions reported towards the CSRB.

What ought to we conclude from these research? Even in a confirmed high-risk space such because the College of Saskatchewan campus, chicken strikes are preventable. Efficient bird-friendly acid-etched glass at USask made the distinction between life and demise for chicken populations.


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