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Gurney Journey: Walpurgis Evening


Walpurgisnacht, (or “Walpurgis Evening”) is a vacation celebrated in Germany and Scandinavia on April 30, the eve of Mayday. 

Albert Zimmermann “Walpurgisnacht”, 1866

In German folklore, it’s believed to be the evening when nature spirits meet on the Brocken mountain and maintain improbable festivals exterior the attain of the Church. 

The vacation is widely known with singing conventional spring people songs, lighting bonfires, dressing in costumes, enjoying pranks on individuals, making loud noises to maintain evil at bay, hanging sprigs of foliage on homes to chase away malevolent spirits, or leaving items of bread unfold with butter and honey as choices for phantom hounds.

All these occult revelries have captured the creativeness of nice artists, philosophers, and composers, such because the Goethe and Felix Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn’s secular cantata describes the makes an attempt of Druids within the mountains to apply their pagan rituals within the face of latest and dominating non secular forces.


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