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Gurney Journey: Damaged Van


What occurred to this van? No matter it collided with tore a gash within the passenger facet door and dug a crease midway again on the facet doorways.


It scored the steel like paper, broke the antenna, knocked off the bumper, and bent all of the panels.

As I sketch in ballpoint pen, pencil, grey marker, calligraphy pen, and ballpoint pen, I ask myself: Why am I interested in issues which are damaged, broken, deserted, and decayed? 

I suppose it is as a result of damaged issues counsel a detective story.

On this case, it was too damaged to repair. Earlier than it was deserted behind the fuel station, the van belonged to “Villa Florist.” That is the identify written in good Copperplate letters on the facet. Was this van on a flower supply when the accident occurred? What did it hit? No matter it was lifted up throughout the influence. Whose fault was it? Did the motive force lose his or her job?


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