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Free Christmas Gnome Crochet Sample


Time for some pretty free Christmas crochet patterns once more! At present, I’ve the superb Natty Toys sharing her great Christmas Gnome Crochet Sample without spending a dime with you. A brilliant sort visitor publish. In the event you LOVE this sample as a lot as I do, why not cease by her Etsy retailer and take a peak at what else she has on provide? And help a inventive along with her work!

Awesome Christmas Gnome Crochet
Christmas Gnome Crochet Patterns are merely the CUTEST!

PLEASE NOTE: Crochet designers work HARD at growing their crochet patterns, please respect their work by:

The sample is for private use solely. Sharing data, copy,
resold, and distribute this sample is prohibited (Crimson Ted Artwork has had particular permission to take action).
Don’t translate on different languages.
With the toy product of this sample you are able to do no matter you need:
give or promote.
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media, you should definitely point out @natty.toys as designer.

Please observe, this publish incorporates affiliate hyperlinks for Etsy which is able to present a small fee for gratis to you.

Extra Crochet Patterns by Natty Toys

As you might bear in mind from earlier visitor crochet patterns, the thought behind sharing these unbelievable FREE (!) crochet sample sources, is to offer you a chance to find and fall in love with a creator and their superb work and designs! Natty Toys, as SO many unbelievable crochet tasks on her web site, that you could be want to discover. SOOOO many cute gnomes, from Halloween Gnomes, to Spring Gnomes, to Patriotic Gnomes, but additionally some extra conventional Christmas Crochet Tasks – for instance, highlighted right here we’ve:

These are however a small pattern from Natty Toy’s retailer. Please do and browse extra!

Now from Natty Toys herself:

How you can make a Crochet Christmas Gnome

Howdy! I’m inviting you to the fairy-tale world of amigurumi. In the event you
purchased this sample you might be able to dream and create.
You’ll positively be capable of crochet a toy that may please you
and your family members!
Good luck and inspiration for creativity !!!

Provides wanted for this crochet sample

The scale of those Nordic Gnome Crochet is roughly 22 cm (9 inches) with the hat.
  • colour A – Yarn Artwork Denims (#50) purple or one other colour for a physique and arms (yarn 160m – 50 g (174 yds – 50 g))
  • colour B – Yarn Artwork Denims (#80) grey colour for a hat and a beard (yarn 160m – 50 g (174 yds – 50 g))
  • colour C – Yarn Artwork Denims (#7) beige colour for a nostril (yarn 160m – 50g (174 yds – 50 g))
  • colour D – Alize Softy white colour for trimming items (115 m -50 g (126 yds – 50 g))
  • fiber filler/ toy stuffing

NOTE: These Crochet Nordic Gnomes are roughly 22 cm (9 inches) tall (with the Christmas hat). You’ll be able to have a number of enjoyable with conventional Christmas colours or go wild and wacky with a number of totally different colours. Such cute Christmas decorations to make this vacation season.

Crochet instruments required to make this gnome

  • 2 mm hook
  • giant needle for stitching elements, scissors
  • knitting markers (to mark the start of a spherical)

Crochet abbrevations used on this Christmas gnome crochet sample:

R – rounds
MR – magic (amigurumi) ring
sc – single crochet
inc- enhance, 2 sc in a single sew
dec – lower, 2 sc collectively
sl st – sleep sew
BLO sc – again loop solely single crochet
ch – chain

Let’s start!

Christmas Gnome Corchet Physique

Use the yarn colour A.
(Place a marker originally of the spherical)
R 1: MR (6)
R 2: (inc) * 6 (12)
R 3: (1sc, inc) * 6 (18)
R 4: (2sc, inc) * 6 (24)
R 5: (3sc, inc) * 6 (30)
R 6: (4sc, inc) * 6 (36)
R 7: (5sc, inc) * 6 (42)
R 8: (6sc, inc) * 6 (48)
R 9-19: 48 sc (11 rounds)
R 20: (6sc, dec) * 6 (42)
R 21-22: (42) (2 rounds)
R 23: (5sc, dec) * 6 (36)
R 24-25: (36) (2 rounds)
R 26: (4sc, dec) * 6 (30)
R 27-28: (30) (2 rounds)
Start to stuff the piece.
R 29: (3sc, dec) * 6 (24)
R 30-31: (24) (2 rounds)
R 32: (2sc, dec) * 6 (18)
R 33-34: (18) (2 rounds)
R 35: (1sc, dec) * 6 (12)
R 36: (dec) * 6 (6)
Stuff the piece with fiber filler.
Draw the yarn by 6 loops and pull till the
gap is tightly closed.
Reduce and safe the thread.

Make the Gnome’s Nostril

Use the yarn colour C.
R 1: MR (6)
R 2: inc * 6 (12)
R 3: (1 sc, inc) * 6 (18)
R 4: (2 sc, inc) * 6 (24)
R 5: (3 sc, inc) * 6 (30)
R 6: dec * 15 (15)
Depart the lengthy tail for seving and minimize the thread.
Stuff the piece with fiber filler. Sew the nostril
between 19-20 rounds from MR on backside physique.

Backside of the Gnome’s Physique

Use the yarn colour B.
Start to crochet between 8-9
rounds of the decrease torso.
R 1-2: 48 sc [2 rounds]
R 3: (1 ch, sl st) * 48 instances
Reduce and safe the yarn.

Time to make the Gnome’s Beard

gnomes crochet beard

Use the yarn colour B.
Make 15 ch, beginning within the second
loop from the hook:
– (inc, 1sc) * 7 instances
Don’t minimize the yarn. Repeat this
extra 7 instances.
Depart the thread for stitching, minimize it.
The beard is prepared.
Sew the beard across the nostril.

Make the Christmas Gnome’s Arms

christmas gnomes arms

Make 2 arms

Use the yarn colour A.
R 1: MR (6)
R 2-9: (6) (8 rounds)
Depart the thread for stitching and
minimize it. Sew arms on each physique’s

Your Gnome now wants a crochet hat!

crochet hat for gnome

Use the yarn colour B.
Make 40 ch, sl st within the first loop.
Crochet by rounds and by BLO sc).
R 1-6: 40 BLO sc (6 rounds)
R 7: (6 BLO sc, dec) * 5 (35)
R 8-9: (35 BLO sc) (2 rounds)
R 10: (5 BLO sc, dec) * 5 (30)
R 11-12: (30 BLO sc) (2 rounds)
R 13: (4 BLO sc, dec) * 5 (25)
R 14-15: (25 BLO sc) (2 rounds)
R 16: (3 BLO sc, dec) * 5 (20)
R 17-18: (20 BLO sc) (2 rounds)
R 19: (2 BLO sc, dec) * 5 (15)
R 20-21: (15 BLO sc) (2 rounds)
R 22: (1 BLO sc, dec) * 5 (10)
Draw the yarn by 10 loops and
pull till the opening is tightly closed.
Reduce and safe the thread.

Use the white microfibre yarn Alize
Crochet the underside of the hat with
single crochet. Crochet loosely, don’t
R 1-4: 40 sc (4 rounds)

How you can make a Finger Pom Pom

finger pom pom

Use white Alize Softy yarn.
Reduce 40 cm (16”) yarn for ties.
Wrap the yarn in 40 activates the
fingers of the hand, take away it, tie it
tightly within the center.
Reduce on the perimeters and form into
a ball.
Tie the pom-pom to the hat.

Embroider a Snowflake to the Gnome’s Hat

snowflake embroidery

Embroider a snowflake with the yarn
colour A.
Look on images.
Put the hat on the gnome. Sew the hat to
the physique over arms.


I feel these cute little gnomes make nice christmas décor, in addition to presents (my daughter has already promised to make me one for my birthday!) and would additionally work properly for any craft gala’s to promote! Make a complete set in a number of totally different colours. Too cute!

Now.. An enormous thanks to Natty Toys for this superior sample. In the event you had enjoyable making these little free Christmas Gnome Crochet Sample, don’t neglect to say “thanks” to Natty Toys, by visiting their Etsy Retailer for a great browse! And in case you like what you see, possibly make somewhat buy or two?

This assortment of Free Crochet Christmas Patterns features a good selection if crochet patterns to enrich these cute little gnomes made right now, one can find a crochet snowman sample, a cute stocking sample and lots of extra nice newbie tasks too.


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