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Sophie Ryder ‘Blue Woman’

Sophie Ryder

Roman mosaic from Tunisia

I see that Sophie Ryder has been making mosaics, her current exhibition in Halifax included the mosaic ‘Blue Woman’ which was on show at Dean Clough Mills. Her photos jogged my memory of once I was in Greece and searching on the mosaics set into the ground of a really historic villa. Ryder has had to make use of the mosaic manner of simplifying kind and in doing so she offers her photos a timeless or maybe ‘set into time’ high quality. I’ve labored at what was Leeds Faculty of Artwork for properly over 40 years and over the doorway to the Vernon Road entrance the previous mosaic mural nonetheless welcomes new college students into the occupation. 

The mosaic mural above the Vernon Road entrance to Leeds Arts College

Eric Taylor who was once a principal of the school was additionally an completed mural designer and his mural for the Merrion Centre was relocated to the partitions of the school’s new Blenheim Stroll constructing, when the partitions internet hosting it had been knocked down as a part of a refurbishment scheme. 

Eric Taylor mosaic murals

Eric Taylor mosaic murals of their earlier location

I’ve at all times liked Eric’s murals, the juxtaposition of a rural scene set into the partitions of a what was a then new procuring arcade, with the centre’s uncooked brutalist carpark design, was once like flowers rising by means of the cracks of a concrete pavement. However mosaic traditions additionally embrace the early Christian Church and in Greece the mosaic custom carried on and the custom of Greek orthodox icons ensured {that a} highly effective simplicity of kind was maintained. It’s for myself fascinating that the time period mosaic is probably going derived from the Greek phrase “mousa,” that means “work of the muses.”

Greek orthodox mosaic

A element of eyes adjustments our relationship with a bowl carried by I presume by St Lucy. Immediately the bowl is animate, it has as they are saying company and it stares at us with mystic eyes maybe coming from older extra magical traditions. 

third century Tunisia

I discover a mosaic floor mesmerising and visually hypnotic, subsequently prefect for a picture depicting magical concepts, or different worldly points. Mosaic is normally related to public areas, and it usually graces the entrances of enormous public buildings. I’ve for a while now had an curiosity within the mosaics that you just cross when getting into the Nationwide Gallery. 

Winston Churchill as ‘Defiance’ 

Bertrand Russell as ‘Lucidity’

If you enter the entrance portico of the Nationwide Gallery you will notice a collection of mosaics by the Russian artist Boris Vasilyevich Anrep, those of Churchill and Russell above are from the Fifties. If you have a look at them carefully you start to grasp they’re very unusual and Anrep’s representations have a surreal edge made much more so by the method of mosaic itself. As a result of it is rather exhausting to get any exact element right into a mosaic, you might be compelled to be creative with kind and in that technique of simplification the work removes itself away from verisimilitude and heads into summary territory, properly it does usually, Chuck Shut’s work being the exception that proves the rule, however extra on that later. 

The London College of Mosaic nonetheless operates programs as much as diploma degree for anybody wanting to review this previous craft and yow will discover a number of up to date examples on the partitions of the underground, such because the one by Eduardo Paolozzi under. 

Eduardo Paolozzi, Tottenham Court docket Tube station

I used to be over on the Venice Biennale final week and encountered mosaic once more, Zsófia Keresztes’ mosaic coated sculptures that crammed the Hungarian pavilion being exhausting to overlook. 

Zsófia Keresztes: Wilting Sympathy

Keresztes is an artist that pulls with the intention to discover her imagery. You possibly can see her thoughts working if you have a look at her drawings maybe simpler than if you see her remaining sculptures. She had this to say about her drawing above, “The dual boots feed off one another’s unhappiness. Underneath the strain of their crushing teardrops, a single flower blooms out of the break up of their conjoined physique. The crop of their blooming empathy perishes beneath the enamel of their stable ground-searching heels.” Her imagery comes from a deeply private however poetic sensibility and like a number of artists for the time being she has a sensibility that recognises the non binary nature of aesthetics, embracing fluidity and hybridity. The usage of mosaic helps her to harmonise all of the disparate parts that emerge in her concepts.

Zsófia Keresztes

I used to be to see Marcel Proust quoted in relation to her work, specifically his notion of reminiscence as ‘actual however not precise, best however not summary’. A definition I’d assume may apply to notion as properly. Keresztes can also be concerned about how the digital makes us take into consideration objects. You usually consider issues within the digital world as in the event that they had been actual, and in order a sculptor I can think about she grew to become concerned about how digital objects would possibly manifest themselves in a ‘actual’, if there may be one, world. Her bulbous varieties, which I used to be to see are carved into styrofoam and fiberglass layers, are overlaid with hand-cut glass tiles, the standard of which jogs my memory of public toilets and tiled underpasses from the Sixties and 70s, nevertheless I believe she makes use of the small space of a tiny tile to characterize a pixel and subsequently making an analogy with a digital floor. Keresztes additionally attracts and her picture ‘Wilting Sympathy’ is typical of an strategy to drawing that offers us an intense expertise of floor texture, this time utilizing colored pens to construct up her surfaces fairly than mosaic tiles.

One other artist that was concerned about how digital photos want to interrupt surfaces down into tiny areas with the intention to obtain optical blends was Chuck Shut and he was at one time producing (or having produced) very giant mosaic portraits created from pictures. 

Chuck Shut: element

I can see what Shut is getting at as he spent years copying pictures by gridding them up and punctiliously working small sq. by small sq. to breed them. The grid then grew to become an area to play inside and he began to loosen up his paint approach while nonetheless having the ability to use the grid’s management over the ultimate studying of the picture. Even so it appeared to be that this was a heck of a number of work to make what’s on the finish of the day some extent about replica and the way the eyes work to kind holistic photos from plenty of bits of knowledge.  


If you’re concerned about mosaic as an architectural chance have a look at Hundertwasser’s work, he’s value investigating for his views on our relationship with the earth and his perception that we have to work towards structure’s geometric dictates and look in the direction of a extra biomorphic architectural future. 


Hundertwasser is following within the footsteps of Gaudí and if you wish to actually respect the probabilities of mosaic at scale you should go to Barcelona and go to his work in situ. 

Mosaic is a type of methods that sits on the fence between drawing and portray. On the one hand it may be very linear, as you format the tiles you’ll be able to design utilizing edges and see your picture growth as one coming from a drawing based mostly custom. Then again it may be seen as very painterly, color being utilized in small patches very like brushstrokes. 

Do not forget that previous applied sciences can at all times be re-invented, and that mosaic specifically has a number of potential, particularly if you wish to work in public areas, as it is rather sturdy and exhausting to wreck. Typically you simply must see what occurs to current imagery when it has to undergo a technique of extreme simplification. It helps with an understanding of a picture’s readability and its capacity to resist extreme distortion and nonetheless be efficient. 

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