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Collage Your Life – New Book!


Have you tried collage art? It’s an incredibly freeing process because there are no rights or wrongs. After all, simple cutting and gluing are at its core. But if you would like to take your collaging prowess to the next level and beyond, Collage Your Life, a new book by art teacher and collage artist Melanie Mowinski, provides a wealth of ideas, techniques, and inspiring prompts. 


 cover of Collage Your Life book shows hands cutting paper square and selection of paper crafting tools and supplies


In addition to the author’s work, collages created by dozens of guest artists serve as colorful examples. 

back cover of Collage Your Life book shows printed text and collage examples


The colorful 224 page paperback (also available as an e-book) is composed of four thorough chapters:

book page shows tools for paper collage encapsulation technique

 Chaper 1 – Build Your Materials – delves into tools and supplies, and
also the building blocks of design and composition.


book page explains color basics with collage example

 Courtesy of Kaci Smith


Chapter 2 – Develop
Your Techniques
– teaches basic collage methods as well as instructions
for mixing other mediums into your collage.

book page from Collage Your Life shows how to add detail and paint with adhesive

Mars Vilaubi © Storey Publishing, LLC


Chapter 3 is the bulk of the book – 55 Prompts to Jump-Start Your Practice. Melanie suggests setting parameters
such as a thirty minute time limit, working with just three papers from
your stash, and tearing rather than cutting because these things
will force your creativity. Each prompt includes instructions to get you
started, a sample collage, and text that points out its features and
explains the placement of the elements.

collage shows woman wearing long skirt and white blouse on rocky beach with orange slice respresenting sun

 © Karen Lynch, Leaf and Petal Design


Lastly, Chapter 4 – Creating the Containershows
a few different ways of constructing books – rejuvenating a cardboard
box, and making an accordion book and a storage book with pockets.


book page shows examples of handmade books

© Charlotte D’Aigle, Talisman, acrylic/paper collage on board, 12″ × 9″


You’ll also find additional reading and resource lists, contributors and featured artist information, and a handy index. 


collage of woman standing in waterfall holding flower bouquet in woodsy scene

© Johanna Goodman, The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings, Plate No. 392



And now a U.S. GIVEAWAY! [ENDED]


To enter to win a copy of Collage Your Life, simply post a comment on this page after reading the note below:


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book page from Collage Your Life shows explanatory text and paintbrush next to paper on which adhesive has been applied

 Mars Vilaubi © Storey Publishing, LLC


Two chances to win: An identical giveaway is underway on Instagram [ENDED]. Yes, go ahead and enter both places. Double your chances! 

book page about generating ideas for collaging

© Laura Weiler, photos sourced from National Geographic


Winners will
be chosen on Sunday, July 17 via a random number generator – one from blog entries and one
from Instagram entries – and announced at the bottom of this
post and
on the Instagram post. 


collage art of man in swimsuit walking across sand toward oversized flowers

 © Connor “Phib” Dainty


Collage Your Life is available now and can be purchased from Storey, Amazon, Book Depository (free worldwide shipping), your favorite bookseller and/or ask your local library to obtain a copy. 


Congratulations to the winner!



Excerpted from Collage Your Life by Melanie Mowinski. 

Used with permission from Storey Publishing.

Thank you to Storey for sponsoring this giveaway.



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qualifying linked purchases at no additional cost to you. 

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