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Artist of the month – Merav Peleg


Our June artist of the month is the multi-talented Merav Peleg who works with a various array of paper artwork kinds and methods.

Merav Peleg

Tel Aviv, Israel

Web site:




“The straightforward paper sheet can flip from 2D to 3D with only a fold. “

The place do you make your work?

I make my paper artwork in my studio in Tel Aviv

How lengthy have you ever been working with paper?

Professionally for about 7 years, however I’ve been working with paper in lots of kinds since I used to be a little bit woman. I all the time liked working with it.

How would you describe your method to paper artwork?

I illustrate and sculpt with paper. I personally get pleasure from working with paper, a flexible and tactile medium. I take advantage of completely different methods with paper via folding,, slicing and tearing. The straightforward paper sheet can flip from 2D to 3D with only a fold. In small or large-scale, I like to discover and experiment paper and with trendy expertise

The place do you discover inspiration?

I discover my inspiration all over the place—the sweetness and particulars in nature, it is textures,
in conventional artwork world wide, in style. I like to fuse these collectively in my artwork.

Describe your work to us in three phrases:

Particulars, Textural, Colourful

What are your favourite papers to work with?

I really like paper! I’ve a lot of various kinds of papers, in all sorts of weight, textures, colours, strengths and thicknesses. I select the kind of paper based mostly on the artwork I need to create.

What instrument might you not dwell with out?

A great pair of scissors, a bone folder, slicing board, glue and pencils. Good instruments are completely important.

Who’re your favourite paper artists?

There are such a lot of proficient paper artists. My favorites specialise in completely different methods, folding, slicing and sculpting: Matthew Shlian, Jeff Nishinaka, Zoe Bradley, Tiffanie Turner

What are you engaged on in the mean time?

For the time being I’m engaged on some paper wearable artwork, a brand new collection of 3D collages and Origami sculptures.


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