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Architect Creates Digital Work to Think about Potential Futures


Exploring Epic Megacities with Annibale Siconolfi

With shoppers like Warner Brothers, artwork exhibitions around the globe, and over 170,000 followers on Instagram, Annibale Siconolfi is a pressure to be reckoned with. The music producer, architect, and 3D artist is primarily identified for visualizing outstanding megastructures from completely different potential futures – each good and dangerous – and not too long ago, we had been lucky sufficient to meet up with Annibale to get an inside view on his art work and his plans for the long run!

annibalesiconolfi art

KitBash3d: Annibale, thanks a lot for becoming a member of us as we speak to discover your megacities! Are you able to introduce your self and share somewhat bit about your creative journey so far for many who aren’t acquainted?

Annibale: I began my profession three years in the past when a music label commissioned my first work. Earlier than that I labored as an architect and music producer. After a number of years of architectural visualization, because of the invention of artists like Beeple, Stuz0r, Paul Chadeisson, and many others. I began to experiment with extra creative fields of 3D.

That first job for the music label was an thrilling expertise, so I made a decision to dedicate extra time to 3D artwork and to experiment with new strategies. Within the final 3 years, I’ve labored for administrators, inventive businesses, and musicians around the globe.

I’ve a variety of good recollections about my 3D artist job, just like the work I did for one in all my favorite music producers, Thys from Noisia.

thys unmoved mover album art

Annibale: And extra not too long ago, I’ve collaborated with the architect Tomas Ghisellini for the visualization of a post-COVID youngsters’s faculty. 

Annibale Siconolfi x Tomas Ghisellini

KitBash3D: Very cool! Your story will little question encourage many to discover 3D for themselves. After experimenting in numerous kinds, what drew you to creating large cityscapes and why do you suppose they’ve resonated a lot with viewers?

Annibale: It fascinates me so much to think about the way forward for megacities. The curiosity on this subject began throughout my research in Structure. I loved observing what number of trendy architects conceived the cities of the long run, and a few of their works had been extraordinarily detailed. It was an vital enter for me for certain. I believe individuals are desirous about my work as a result of I signify a not too distant future. I do not speak about aliens, I signify issues or optimistic points that we might have sooner or later.

utopia vs dystopia by annibalesiconolfi

KitBash3D: The element you obtain in your work is so vivid and attractive, they actually really feel like portals into potential worlds. May you please share somewhat of the method that goes into making one?

Annibale: Earlier than I begin a undertaking, I take some hours (or days) to consider some ideas, and when I’ve a transparent imaginative and prescient in my thoughts, I begin to create. The humorous factor is that each time in my imaginative and prescient there’s something that pushes me to strive new strategies. Typically it really works and I understand what I had got down to make, however many occasions I’ve to take a step again and put the undertaking apart.

I do not use references once I work on my private tasks, solely recollections of the works I like. Typically I do sketches earlier than I begin a chunk, however generally, I prefer to experiment straight in 3D. My recommendation to everyone seems to be to experiment so much. Studying new strategies from tutorials are essential, they’ve helped me so much undoubtedly, however it’s by experimenting you could construct your individual distinctive model. 

Civilization 3.0 by annibalesiconolfi

KitBash3D: Fascinating. Most artists we speak to emphasise references, so this goes to point out that there’s by no means a one-size-fits-all method to artwork. Are you able to share a couple of items and what was going via your thoughts when creating them?

Annibale: This piece is known as “City Dream.” I imagined we’re at an altitude of 800 meters, and a person stops to take a look at the lights of a residential advanced in a metropolis of the long run.

urban dream by annibalesiconolfi

Annibale: This one is known as “Seaside,” and it’s what I think about a seaside city might appear like within the distant future if the water stage rises with the melting of the glaciers.

Seaside by annibalesiconolfi

Annibale: This piece is known as “Habitat.” On this future, overpopulation has given rise to dense and towering housing buildings. Being that the territory is nearly totally saturated with constructions, a vertical enlargement is the one option to match extra residents. 

habitat by annibalesiconolfi

Annibale: For “City Relics,” I imagined a type of open-air museum the place a platform provides individuals the chance to go to the outdated disused buildings.

Urban Relics by annibalesiconolfi

KitBash3D: That final idea is good. Love the concept of the trendy structure we take without any consideration being celebrated or preserved sooner or later. And we will spot a couple of kits like Favelas in your work, however the one you make the most of most regularly is our Future Slums equipment, right?

Annibale: I am in love with the Future Slums pack, it gave me the chance to signify many detailed city scenes. Listed below are some breakdowns of items utilizing that equipment:

Annibalesiconolfi using Future Slums by KitBash3D

KitBash3D: You will have used it masterfully! We’ve time for only a couple extra questions, and  clearly we love seeing your work, so are there any objectives for the long run you’ll be able to share with us, both artistically and professionally?

Annibale: This 12 months I used to be contacted by two of the biggest online game businesses on the planet however I needed to decline as a result of I most well-liked to proceed on my private work. The identical factor occurred to me with some huge engineering and structure corporations – they had been very desirous about my design however I most well-liked to not settle for. These had been very tough selections however I believe I did the suitable factor for the second. I need to proceed my private journey and evolve my model. I’ve a number of tasks in progress and in November I’ll have the respect of exhibiting in an vital museum along with different nice artists.

Still Human by annibalesiconolfi

KitBash3D: Ooh, trying ahead to that! Final query, why do you make artwork and what conjures up you?

Annibale: I do not know why I make artwork; I all the time did it since I used to be a toddler. I bear in mind once I used to eat total notebooks with my drawings already on the age of 5. I’ve all the time beloved drawing and sound design, and over time I’ve been capable of perceive how comparable these two fields are. Additionally, the examine of Structure gave me a extra technical method to coping with artwork.

I am primarily impressed by the work of architects like Le Corbusier, Frank Loyd Wright, Louis Kahn, Antonio Sant’Elia, Sou Fujimoto, and different artists like Beeple and Paul Chadeisson. I’m additionally impressed by writers, administrators, and musicians. Throughout my life, I had a variety of creative influences from completely different fields and I believe they really converge in my artwork. Every time I’ve doubts, the fervour for this job helps me overcome them.

About Annibale Siconolfi

annibale siconolfi profileAnnibale Siconolfi, aka Inward, is an artist and architect from Italy. His artwork is characterised primarily by a fancy 3D modeling of dystopian cities and futuristic landscapes. This imaginative and prescient is influenced by a number of components: from science fiction films to modern structure but additionally from delicate points like world warming, human overpopulation, air pollution, and many others.

You may observe his work over at his Instagram, Artstation, and Fb.



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