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Aqua and Turquoise truly aren’t the identical color: who knew?



Due to their shut resemblance, it’s tough for many individuals to establish the distinction between Aqua and Turquoise at first look, particularly if one is just not used to totally different shades of a selected color. However in actuality, Aqua and Turquoise truly aren’t the identical color: who knew?



Which colors do you see? What number of are you able to identify?


We frequently discover two or extra colors that resemble each other to such a detailed extent that it turns into tough for us to distinguish them in our thoughts.

Aqua and Turquoise are two such colors which can be generally taken to be one and the identical, attributable to their apparent similarity. The truth is, although, they are surely totally different, as we’ll clarify.

First off: Aqua and Turquoise each belong to a gaggle of spectrum of colors referred to as the Cyan spectrum (the generally accepted identify for the inexperienced to blue color vary – you may see it above and described under).



The Cyan group contains  colours that bear very shut resemblance to at least one one other as a result of all of them have traces of blue and inexperienced in them.  This isn’t the case with colors akin to purple and blue and in consequence they’re fairly simply distinguishable from one another.  As you may see under, Aqua and Turquoise usually are not very simply distinguishable from one another so folks usually get them combined up.




What’s Turquoise?

Turquoise is a cyanish-green colour, primarily based on the gem of the identical identify. The phrase turquoise dates to the seventeenth century and is derived from the French turquois which means “Turkish” as a result of the mineral was first dropped at Europe by means of Turkey from mines within the historic Khorasan province of Iran (Persia) and Afghanistan.  The primary recorded use of turquoise as a colour identify in English was in 1573.  It’s mainly a shade of cyan.

The Oxford English dictionary says that turquoise is ‘a greenish-blue color.’ It may be mentioned that turquoise is way lighter than aqua as a result of turquoise is extra inexperienced than blue: in different phrases, turquoise is characterised by the presence of additional inexperienced over the blue within the color. So it may be mentioned that turquoise is a inexperienced shade of the cyan vary of colours. It might be recalled that there’s additionally a gem by the identify of turquoise and the colour nearly definitely ot its identify from the gem of the identical colour.

Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that may be a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminium, with the chemical components CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O.   It’s uncommon and useful in finer grades and has been prized as a gem and decorative stone for 1000’s of years owing to its distinctive hue.


The “RGB” worth of turquoise is 64, 224 and 208. This implies the purple worth is 64, the inexperienced worth is 224 and the blue worth is 208.


After all, these days it turns into crucial for laptop screens to show color constantly and precisely. For those who click on the hyperlink you may checkout the X11 colour named turquoise.  In computing, on the X Window System, X11 colour names are represented in a easy textual content file, which maps sure strings to RGB colour values. It was historically shipped with each X11 set up, therefore the identify, and is often situated in <X11root>/lib/X11/rgb.txt. The online colours checklist is descended from it however differs for sure colour names.


Turquoise by means of the Ages

A phenomenal silver bracelet inset with Turquoise

In lots of cultures, this gemstone Turquoise has been esteemed for its innate magnificence and for 1000’s of years as a holy stone, a bringer of fine fortune or a talisman.  The oldest proof for this declare was present in historic Egypt, the place grave furnishings with turquoise inlay have been found, relationship from roughly 3000 BCE.  5000+ yearsd in the past!

Within the historic Persian Empire, the standard sky-blue gem stones have been earlier worn around the neck or wrist as safety towards unnatural demise.

In the event that they modified color, the wearer was thought to have motive to concern the strategy of doom.

In the meantime, it has truly since been found that turquoise actually can change colour.

The change could be brought on by gentle, or by a chemical response led to by cosmetics, mud, or the acidity of the pores and skin so it isn’t not possible that it might replicate chemical modifications in a wearer’s physique.

Turquoise is colour that can be strongly related to the domes and interiors of huge mosques in Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Russia.

OK: so what’s Aqua?

The Oxford English dictionary says that Aqua is ‘a light-weight bluish-green color.’  Aqua will also be sensed as a color sitting between inexperienced and blue.  The intense color aqua could be noticed very simply within the color wheel.

Within the cyan vary of colors Aqua is usually thought-about indistinguishable from aquamarine and therefore the actual distinction that pursuits us is between Aqua and Turquoise.

Not like turquoise, aqua has the shades of blue and inexperienced in the identical proportion.  In relation to the RGB worth, the RGB worth of aqua is 0, 255 and 255.  This reveals that the presence of purple in aqua is zero, whereas inexperienced worth is 255 and blue worth is 255. The shortage of purple makes Aqua brighter than Turquoise.

Difference Between Aqua and Turquoise


Aqua (which is Latin for “water”) is, like Turquoise, a variation of the color Cyan. The online color Aaqua is definitely similar to the net colour Cyan, though it’s incorrect to argue they’re the identical color, as they aren’t. It was one of many three secondary colours of the RGB colour mannequin used on laptop and tv shows. Within the HSV colour wheel aqua is exactly midway between blue and inexperienced. Nevertheless, aqua is not the identical as the first subtractive colour course of cyan utilized in printing.

Aqua on the pc display screen

Considerably misleadingly, yhe phrases “Aqua” and “Cyan” are used interchangeably in laptop graphics, and particularly in net design, to seek advice from the additive secondary color “Cyan”.

Each colors (aqua and cyan) are made precisely the identical method on a pc display screen, by combining blue and inexperienced gentle at equal and full depth on a black display screen.  Historically, that color is outlined as #00FFFF in hex, or (0,255,255) in RGB.   The #00FFFF colour code is named “cyan” within the RGB colour however the X11 colour names launched the choice identify “Aqua” for #00FFFF.  Later, W3C popularized the identify through the use of it within the named colour palette of HTML 3.2 specs. Sounds sophisticated? It’s.

Konosu – Aqua in well-liked tradition

Aqua is among the three major facet characters within the Konosuba comedian/manga sequence.

Earlier than her life within the land of Fantasy World, she was identified primarily because the Goddess of water whose job was to information people into the afterlife.

Throughout the Fantasy World, she is worshipped by the Axis Order which lives within the Kingdom of Belzerg in a bit of place referred to as Alcanretia.

Aqua is worshipped fanatically by her Axis Order followers, which supplies her an innately excessive quantity of Mana and makes her one of the vital terrifying Goddesses within the Konosuba universe.



Are you a eager artist, beginner or skilled?

If you wish to know combine your paints to get both turquoise or aqua (very talked-about for ‘seascapes’) simply take a look at this video.



Now we have nice enjoyable taking part in with combos of Turquoise and Aqua in our glass studio.  They’re two brilliant, immersive colors that at all times come out of the kiln trying lovely.

You may see some examples under.

For those who’d wish to order a bespoke glass piece, maybe made utilizing these pretty colors,  please e mail me [email protected], and in case you’d like to return to a workshop to discover ways to make your personal glass (you’ll be happy you probably did!) take a look at our vary of workshops at https://www.jenieyolland.com/workshops/

By the way in which, in case you have been questioning concerning the well-liked Tiffany color, apparently it’s neither Teal nor Turquoise nor Aqua.  Referred to as “Tiffany Blue” its hex code is #0ABAB5.



Not realized sufficient about colors but? www.https://functionas.com/color-picker/ is essentially the most wonderful web site the place you could find any color you need and you may simply discover out its RGB, HEX or CMYK values, too.  Take pleasure in!

Discuss quickly,


Jenie x




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