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An Ever-Evolving Visible Id For The PLANET LEM: A Middle For Literature And Language


Planeta Lem is a brand new heart for literature and language that shall be established in Krakow, Poland within the upcoming years, based and run by the cultural establishment Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe. The Middle shall be devoted to the work of the well-known Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem – creator of Solaris. In Lem’s books, the creator explores philosophical subjects, speculating on expertise, the character of intelligence, and life on different planets. With the assistance of Lem’s timeless analyses and up to date scientific reflection on language and communication, Planet Lem will contribute to constructing an open and aware society within the altering world.

A singular idea permits for a consistently evolving visible identification that honors creator Lem’s view on the altering world

The middle goals to answer the consistently evolving world; together with tendencies in communication, literature and language, and new applied sciences. Gabriela Baka with Łukasz Podolak created a variable and animated visible identification idea – which received the competitors set by KBF – that displays along with the middle of those above-mentioned subjects. The distinctive facet of the idea and the unique project given to the designers was to create a instrument that may permit the Middle to co-create the identification, and thus it might by no means lose its freshness or topicality.


“Cross the boundaries of what’s recognized” – was the sentence that led the design course of towards making a narrative identification that may be consistently evolving. The goal of the idea is to take the viewer, like Lem in his books, on journeys by unknown dimensions and hitherto undiscovered worlds. Planet Lem’s identification is constructed of cohesive, monochrome parts which are frequently in movement – evolving and increasing by time and house. A glimpse of this motion was captured within the brand, whereas a modular grid system, summary visualizations of exceeded dimensions, and a fleeting raster observe the identical mysterious, ambiguous, open, and changeable idea.


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