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Alain Bourdon, The Minimalist Wave


About Alain Bourdon

Alain Bourdon is a french graphic designer, obsessive about waves, their shapes, and all of what they belong to. For this, with the Minimalist Wave undertaking, he makes an attempt to depict the lighter aspect of a unprecedented phenomenon that regularly evolves and is rarely the identical. He creates hand drawing minimal sketches displaying fluid types resembling a wave, a surfer in the midst of the ocean, a surfboard subsequent to the water, and so forth. Alain desires to seize each attainable element primarily by observing and watching a panorama he genuinely feels belonging to.

He’s additionally the proprietor of Alain Bourdon Graphic Design Studio and getting used to hectic on a regular basis rhythms, Alain drawings are an intimate second to really feel targeted whereas letting the whole lot move round.

The Minimalist Wave

The Minimalist Wave began by probability. At some point Alain was on the cellphone with a shopper and began drawing random waves on a sheet of paper. Since he felt pleased with the visible outcome, he began filling a complete pocket book of comparable sketches. Later, a buddy noticed the drawings and motivated him to go additional with them.

Utilizing a black and white palette strictly comes from a radical and minimal fashion possibility. What strikes Alain is to say a bit of, with only a little bit of stimulus in a world crammed with inputs and visible contamination.

Feeling a part of nature with no entitlement is the essence in his drawings. To Alain, cities and buildings are human-centered. On the opposite aspect, nature is a separate identification, and we should be taught to look at and dwell with it.

In order for browsing the ocean or climbing a tree might deliver one nearer to nature, drawing it’s an try to take action.

Go to The Minimalist Wave web site right here.

The Minimalist Wave Image
The Minimalist Wave Image
The Minimalist Wave Image
Moon slide
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
The Wait
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
Morning Bathtub
 The Minimalist Wave Image
The Minimalist Wave Image
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
Full Moon
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
Morning Slide




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