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9 Polymer Clay Truths Newbies Do not Consider


As I’m positive you already know by now, a lot of the polymer clay info you’ve learn and seen on social media is both blatantly false or not less than misleadingly incomplete. It may be actually onerous to know what’s true and what’s not. Listed here are 9 truths that new makers have a LOT of hassle believing are true.

Glue will finally fail on a polymer-to-metal bond.

Fact #2
Breakage is (almost at all times) as a consequence of underbaking. (Be taught all about baking polymer clay correctly right here)

Fact #3
Clay softener or oil isn’t mandatory if the clay is lower than 2-3 years outdated.

Fact #4
Air-dry clay isn’t polymer clay. Polymer clay refers to a selected oven-bake modeling clay produced from vinyl. Air-dry clays are produced from a distinct materials and deal with in a different way.

Fact #5
Plaques are usually not air bubbles brought on by poor conditioning.

Fact #6
Translucent clay shouldn’t flip yellow when baked.

Fact #7
Polymer clay doesn’t have to be sealed.

Fact #8
Quenching (ice tub) doesn’t make clay stronger or clearer.

Fact #9
Conditioning has nothing to do with energy.

Which of those truths did you assume have been a fable? Are there any extra myths that I ought to add to this checklist?


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