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8 Ideas for Completely Urgent Seams & Quilt Tops


In relation to urgent quilt tops, award-winning quilter Linda Pumphrey has robust opinions. In every of her books, Crimson & White Quilting and Mountain Mist Historic Quilts, Linda stresses the significance of urgent seams as you piece and the distinction it might make within the completed quilt. “Three elements go into making excellent factors and corners match: correct reducing, excellent 1/4″ (6mm) seams, and exact urgent of the seams,” writes Linda. “When you grasp all three, you’ll discover that factors and corners fall into place like a dream. When you thoughts solely the primary two, your quilt can go astray on the ironing board.” Right here, Linda shares her suggestions for completely urgent seams.

pressing seams: quilts by Linda Pumphrey
Quilt designer and trainer Linda Pumphrey along with her second e-book, Crimson & White Quilting.

8 Ideas for Urgent Seams from Linda Pumphrey

I’m certain you’ve heard all of the “quilt-pressing guidelines,“ comparable to “at all times press towards the darkish aspect“ or “at all times press the seams open.“ When my mother, sister, and I quilt collectively, the urgent of the quilt high can create controversy. My mother and sister favor urgent seams to the aspect, whereas I prefer to press seams open. No matter your desire, under are some tricks to guarantee the best-pressed seams.

Tip #1: Press, Don’t Iron

Urgent is the movement of reducing and lifting the iron from the material floor. Ironing is the back-and-forth movement of the iron on the material. Whereas ironing can pull and warp shapes, urgent lets you flip seam allowances open or lay them to at least one aspect with out distorting or stretching the material.

pressing seams
Press seams after stitching to set the stitches.

Tip #2: All the time Set Stitches

After stitching the seams, at all times press them with the correct sides collectively to set the stitches into the material. (Keep in mind to press, not iron.) This enables the stitches to meld collectively and holds the material higher. It additionally helps alleviate distortion or stretching if you press your seams in a single path or one other.

Tip #3: Urgent Seams

Beginning with the darker cloth on high, open up the darkish cloth piece and press alongside the seam line. When you favor to open all of the seams, press from the improper aspect and gently press the seams open alongside the seam line.

Tip #4: Use a Dry Iron

To make use of steam or to not use steam is one other controversial subject. Some quilters love steam, whereas others by no means use it. In my expertise, it’s best to make use of a dry iron. Nonetheless, steam is perhaps wanted to clean out seams with plenty of factors. As an alternative of steam, you need to use a shot of mist from a twig bottle to assist in ensuring the seam lies flat.

Tip #5: Finger Press First

For small shapes, you possibly can finger press the again of your fingernail throughout the within of the seam. When you finger press small shapes, you’ll nonetheless wish to press them with an iron to make sure a clean seam.

pressing seams
Press seams open or towards the darker cloth to stop shadowing.

Tip #6: Stop Shadowing

Shadowing happens when a darker cloth reveals via a lighter cloth, which may detract from the general look of your quilt. Shadowing particularly happens when working with two high-contrast colours. Each time potential press darker cloth to the darker aspect. If it’s not potential, press seams open so the sunshine seams are on the lighter cloth and the darker seams find yourself on the darker cloth. When you should press to the lighter aspect, trim the darker seam by 1/16″ (2 mm) so it’s barely smaller than the lighter seam and fewer seen.

Tip #7: Press Seams Once more, If Wanted

If a seam is pressed the improper method, press the form again to the best way it was sewn. Set the seam from the improper aspect once more, let it cool, and begin over.

Tip #8: Press Bias Seams

Press a bias seam along with your iron at a 45-degree angle and press alongside the straight-of-grain of the material. This works nicely on shapes comparable to flying geese and half-square triangles. –LP Completely pressed seams are key to taking your quilts to the subsequent degree. Following Linda’s suggestions will give your quilts a extra professional-looking end from the beginning.

We hope these urgent suggestions will aid you create stunning quilts! You should definitely share your designs with us on Fb and Instagram.

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