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5 High Artists on Their Should-Have Brush


A 1-inch flat is the “can’t-live-without” brush for Kris Parins. She makes use of variations by a number of makers.

Parins says, “My first 1-inch flat brush, which I bought in 1999 and have since worn out, was a Richeson Kolinsky sable. My present brush is a One Stroke sable-hair by Winsor & Newton. I discover the comb to be aptly named since it could actually maintain a tremendous quantity of water and pigment, making it excellent for portray huge, juicy washes. I additionally use artificial flats, which maintain their sharp edges and corners, making them an amazing possibility for ‘reducing in’ and for making smaller traces and marks. I just like the Museum Topaz by Martin F. Weber Co. One other favourite that’s very reasonably priced is a Kaerëll flat brush by Raphaël.””


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