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2015 “VOLTZWAGEN” e-Golf! “the Zippy Automobile”


Right here is the 2015 VW e-Golf, an ALL-ELECTRIC VW with LED headlights, ‘C’ formed day time working lights, aero alloy wheels EPA charge 116mpge and a median vary between 70-95 miles.
Okay, so the automobile does not come like this, however I could not assist myself, and this time I went past photoshop and truly made the customized vinyl myself.

I used my spouse’s paper crafting cutter to chop out the fender decals out of 3M 1080 Cosmic Blue and Metallic Silver. Created the graphic in illustrator after a tough tape model I made to get the scale and angle appropriate.

 I additionally wrapped the underside of the rear spoiler gloss black just like the GTI. Then I had the roof wrapped in gloss black and the mirrors in cosmic blue by VinylStyles in San Carlos.

There’s nonetheless yet another piece to do and that could be a cosmic blue stripe slightly below the door opening to assist floor the automobile a bit. Debating getting the Eibach sport decreasing springs to drop it a bit. Along with these exterior touches I additionally added the metallic pedals and useless pedal, LED bulbs within the back lights and energy folding mirrors.

       So far as the expertise of switching to an all-electric automobile after coming from a GTI and R32, I gotta say that it is fairly darn FUN!! Positive it isn’t as ‘sporty’ as a result of low rolling resistance tires, however the energy supply is kind of addictive with 200ftlbs of torque at any level it takes off faster than a GTI from 0 and because it has no transmission it simply retains pulling with out hesitation and even stranger, with out a lot sound. A lot so my boys name it “the zippy automobile”!

      Eco sensible may be very environment friendly even in it is full energy ‘regular’ mode averaging over 4.2mpkwh on my day by day commute and that is with none form of sacrifice of driving model. So I can whoomp on it and simply use the brake regen modes correctly and nonetheless get 4+ mpkwh. Sure going uphill drops that fairly shortly, however taking place brings it proper again up. It is also far more responsive than a Nissan Leaf which to me felt squishy and comfortable in pedal really feel and is obvious ugly. The Fiat 500e was additionally enjoyable, however method too small for our household. The BMW i3 was extra highly effective and futuristic, but in addition bizarre for no cause and $15,000 extra for a similar vary efficiency…. and kinda ugly too. The e-Golf additionally gives extra modes than all the opposite EV’s on the market together with a coast mode (D) that is turns off the regen utterly, in addition to 3 growing ranges (D1, D2, D3) and a ‘Brake’ mode (B) that’s robust sufficient it makes the brake lights come on as quickly as you carry your foot off the accelerator.
     In all I gotta say that this is not going to be my final electrical automobile, in actual fact it might be the primary of an extended line of nothing however electrical vehicles in my future. I select to lease the e-Golf in hopes that Tesla would have their cheaper Mannequin III prepared, however I am not holding my breath at this level because the Mannequin X nonetheless has but to seem and the gigafactory has barely been began.
     So for now I need to commend VW for such a enjoyable and wise electrical automobile that ticks all the appropriate packing containers and nonetheless makes driving a enjoyable occasion! And I do not miss having to cease at a fuel station!!




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